Thursday, March 21, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments: For My Bad Day

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Sometimes being a mom is hard, sometimes it is even boring, but there are those little moments that make it all so worth it.

Ryder was laying on the floor kicking and screaming- the lack of nap totally showing through.  I had put him down for a nap he just never went to sleep.  I hate the transition stages.

My patience was wearing thinner and thinner, Lucas and Alex decided to add to the chaos by picking on each other.  I felt like a ticking time bomb ready to explode.  I did what I so often do when I feel like I may snap- I retreat.  Retreat into my head, into a book, into a game on my iPad-- anything to shut it out and stop me from doing something I will later regret.

I was sitting on the couch- retreated into my iPad.
"Mom how do you spell universe?" Lucas asked from the other room.

I spelled it for him then returned to my game.
"Here mom, I made this for you since you were having a bad day." Lucas said handing me a card.
Card Says:
  "I love you with all my heart.  Reasons why I love you.
   1- I love you because you feed me
   2- you're always there for me
   3- you help me do what is right
   4- you love me back
   5- you do nice things for me
   6- you're very kind
You are the best mom in the universe.
 I love you"

Suddenly Ryder's screaming, the kids fighting and all the little mundane things didn't seem so bad anymore, in fact they were all totally worth it.

I hope my son always has such a heart of gold.
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  1. I love that! My oldest sometimes leaves me little "love notes" on my bed.

  2. That is the sweetest thing!

  3. Awwww, that is so sweet! Totally made me tear up!! What a nice boy.

  4. That is sooo sweet. What a good boy.

  5. Love it. Those moments really do make it all worth it. I hope I get a chance to post today and link up. Also, I read a whole bunch of your posts the other night, but it was while I was nursing, so I couldn't comment. I loved the pill swallowing tutorial!

  6. Oh my heart! That is so awesome. The best card ever!!!! I want one like that! ;)

  7. Oh how sweet was that. I love it! Things like this make me want a kiddo of my own (you know that is with us all the time)

  8. Oooh, this made me smile! That's a card to cherish. What a moment!

  9. aw how sweet how can a mom not melt when their child does this for them BRAVO for raising an awesome kid

  10. Awww that is the sweetest thing! Lucas is such a thoughtful child!

  11. Melt my heart, that is just what you needed. Isn't it wonderful how they just sometimes know?

  12. Aww - he really does have a heart of gold (and good penmanship :)

    What a sweet and sensitive thing for him to do - he's a keeper!