Thursday, April 25, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments: Bounce House Tears

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Last week Lucas went to his best friend's birthday party, it was at one of those bounce house places.  The parents had the option of just dropping off the kids, most did but I chose to stay.  It isn't because I am a helicopter mom, at least I wouldn't call myself one, it is because I just know.

What do I know?  I know my son.

I didn't blog when Lucas was little, I didn't even know what blogging was.  I sometimes wonder what my posts would have been like.  How many would have been filled with pleas and questions asking for help.   Wondering why at 4 months old he would scream until he passed out, wondering why he seemed to have no sense of boundaries and personal space as preschooler; wondering why he couldn't be in a room with people clapping.

I still remember one of his check-ups when his pediatrician asked how he was at making friends and when I started to describe his behaviors he was not at all surprised.   He unofficially diagnosed him at the time with Sensory Integration Disorder.

Thankfully me working with him and time has changed him into almost a whole other kid, but he still has his times, his times where ordinary things overwhelm him, times where his very tender heart which he was also blessed with shines through.

Which is why I stayed.

Sure enough, at some point during the party he came running to me in tears, a group of the boys were pushing him every time he made it to the top of the slide, a legitimate reason to be upset but for him it was the end, he wanted to go home, tears sobbing, hardly able to breath.

The other parents went and talked with the boys, a couple came over and apologized.

I slowly and calmly talked with him, he settled down but was still ready to go.
"Okay, just go get your shoes then we will go." I said.
"Why can't you get my shoes?" he asked.
"Because, I think if you just settle down more you will decide you do want to stay."

"Do you want to play some video games?" one of the moms asked him.
"I don't have any quarters." Lucas said.
"I have some if you would like to."

She gave him some quarters and he and her son went to play.  While he was there she also bought him a bottle of water and she later recounted the event to me.

She told me the machine was having a hard time accepting the bill.
"Are you getting that for me?" Lucas asked her.  "Really you don't have to do that, that's okay, thank you though, but you don't have to do that." he sweetly said.
She said she was so impressed as in her words, 'if it had been my son he would have demanded it and want to know what else I was going to get for him.'   She continued on with how impressed she was with how kind and sweet he was.

This was a proud moment.  Despite all the tears and earlier drama, the night was able to end on a good note.

With the bad comes the good.  It really is how life just is, we just have to keep looking for those proud good moments.

What is your proud mommy moment this week?

P.S. Ten Things to Smile About this month will be on Tuesday!  Love to get lots of links as I think we all need to find the good things after this crazy month.


  1. Kids can be so mean sometimes. Glad that Lucas rose above it all in the end.

  2. Aw, what a sweetheart. Your story made me want to give him a big squeeze. Life is hard sometimes, and it's even harder to see your kids struggle. I'm glad it all ended well.

  3. My son also has problems with crowds and noises. I don't know when I'll ever feel comfortable leaving him, I barely like to leave him at school!

  4. I've never heard of that sensory disorder, and I wonder if I have it slightly. I get so overwhelmed when there is a lot of noise and chaos. Las Vegas makes me cringe! Lucas is so lucky to have such a patient, understanding mama. I love that you've taught him such good manners too. I will be asking for tips when my little boy gets here! And thank god for blogging-I am pretty sure 90% of my posts will be asking for advice!

  5. So glad you stuck with your instincts and stayed...and so glad that other mom came over to help...and that Lucas was so kind and did have a fun time after all :)

  6. Bless his heart, he really is such a sweet heart!

    Cooper just cried his head off last night every time the audience clapped at Madeline's ballet recital...which was every 2 1/2 minutes...sigh.

  7. So advice please!!! My step son just came to live with us. We took him to see a counselor because of the situation with him being taken away from his mom, and they think he also has a sensory disorder(possibly autistic). Some days we are at our whits end with him. What have you done to help your son deal with everyday life better.

  8. Oh thats so interesting! I wonder if that disorder is something I have. Every childhood picture of me at my birthday in front of my birthday cake, I'm hiding my face in tears because people singing happy birthday to me was "too much". I used to hide in closets at playdate where there were a lot of kids. First days of school were always a nightmar. Even now I struggle. I'm still baffled how I got through my own wedding in one piece.
    Sounds like Lucas is a sweet boy. I'm sure him and I would have a lot of similar stories to talk about.

  9. aw poor Lucas being pushed is no fun bu I'm so proud of how he handled it and that he was able to have fun after. Also proud of how polite he was you did good mama

  10. I have been told that my son (whose only 2) has some sensory disorders or at least they think he does. I've read up on some of them and although I'm not real educated about sensory disorders I think he definitely shows some signs. I was glad to read that just "work" on your part has brought your son a long way.

  11. Aw what a sweet boy. Ryan is shy like that too. Its def. a great moment when another parents shines the light on your child. Through all the tears and parenting woe's, you can finally rest easy that you've done a great job as parents to get him to the point where he respects others. So sweet. I wouldnt' leave my kids either- I am probably a helicopter Mom but you just never know and I also love being there to capture pictures to remember the moments.

  12. Emily, I had no idea that was happening! Audrey was having the same problem :( I would have gotten after those kids more if I knew it was happening to Lucas as well. I'm glad everything ended up okay. Kai was sooooo happy that he came. I think it's sweet how close they are.

  13. I always stick around too. I use the excuse that my kids have asthma, but I really want to be there in case they NEED me. I'd hate for them to be hurt, sad, scared, etc and I'm not there to help them through it.

  14. What an incredible kid you have! The other mom is right, not just about her son, but about so many other kids now and days. It's like they feel that they're entitled to be given things.
    That is beyond a proud mommy moment for sure.

  15. Only you know your child best. And I am so glad that other mother was so nice and of course you should be proud!! What a sweet boy you have! ;)

  16. You son sounds like such a sweetheart, that is so wonderful he is so kind. So many kids now days are so disrespectful and some are down right mean. Glad you both chose to stay :)

  17. Sometimes the "different" kids are the best kids. Actually, ALL the time.

  18. He is learning life stay when things seem tough. I just love him! I also remember when his dad was young and a best friend kicked him. He wasn't injured because of the pain, but because a friend wasn't as kind as he should have been. Everyone just appreciates respect and a friend. Glad it turned out alright. Thank goodness for the mom with the quarters.

  19. Aww, Lucas. I'm sorry he had a rough moment at the party, but it sounds like he really battled through it and came out on top. It's hard to stand by and watch, but it sounds like you're doing a great job with him!

  20. Aw, see you know you are raising him right when people say that :-)

  21. Aw, Lucas would soooo be a sweetheart to have around! You and your husband do a great job raising your kiddos!

  22. It must be so hard to have sensory problems. Poor guy. And what a sweetheart he is! Honestly, it breaks my heart when I see kids bullying my kids, but for him, it must be especially hard, what with having such a good heart. You are impressive with how you handle things and help him with it so well.

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