Monday, April 29, 2013

Kindy 500

It's Race Day!  Kindergarten style.

Last Friday was my daughter's Kindy 500.  All of the kindergartners are supposed to make a car out of a box that they can wear in a parade and around for all the activities that day.
Alex wanted to make an icecream truck.
Lots of hot pink spray paint,  paper plate wheels with sparkly brad pins to make them spin, ice-cream pictures drawn by Alex, tin foil grill, sparkly sticker license plate, and Alex even painted the words.
She was very excited about her pink truck and I was happy that I let her do a lot of her project.  I'll admit at times it was hard not to want to take over and do it "more fancy" but I resisted and let her do everything she could (no spray painting for her).  It was pretty apparent that a lot of the parents didn't quite step back as much.

There were some really awesome and very detailed parent made cars.

After they showed off their cars for the whole school they went back to the kindergarten area where they "drove" their cars around and a real police officer gave them tickets.

The cop that gave Alex a ticket told her if she smiled the rest of the day she wouldn't have to pay it.  They also had a repair shop, a car wash (that they walked through while bubbles were blown on them) and other car related activities all day.

Alex loved it and as she told me, now that the Kindy 500 is over she is ready for 1st grade, good thing she has less than a month of kindergarten left.

Do you have a hard time not taking over your kids projects?

P.S.  Tomorrow is 10 things to Smile About this Month!!  Would love to see all your great lists!  More info here.


  1. That is such a cool idea!! I love it!

    I recently wrote about the Science Fair. Last year, I did more than my fair share of the presentation board, but the project was all Alex's and he knew it backwards and forwards. This year all I did was glue their handwritten sheets onto the board. They did it all!

    This year in Kindergarten, we've had to do several *family* projects and there is one mom that has taken them way too seriously. :)

  2. I'll admit that I've taken over a time of two with the projects but had to quickly pull myself back and let them do it themselves. It's hard sometimes that's for sure!

  3. That is such a cute, cute car! I can't believe how big Alex looks.

    I obviously take over projects right now, mostly because D walks away after 10 seconds...

  4. Good for you letting her do a lot of it :) I am sure she loved every moment of it!

  5. How fun!!I can't wait for things like this with the kids school!
    I remember trying out for mascot once and the girl who won had her dad do all her music and background stuff which was professionally done b/c that was his area of expertise and she won... so unfair but still was a fun thing to do!

  6. Her Ice Cream Truck was so cute. I think she did a great job on it. Totally gave me a new Tot School idea!
    I with my oldest (Anika) did do most of her projects. I was more concerned about if they were as good as the others than as to what she gained out of it. I did learn my lesson though. Even with Tot School, I try to step back and let Ax take the lead. I hope I continue with it throughout his school years and Annalee's too!

  7. What a DARLING ice cream truck!!! Can she drive over here so I can buy an ice cream from her!! That parade is so dang cute, and I must confess, I would be one of those parents who would be the one making the car. I'd be like here, here, step aside let's do this and poor children, every time they had a big project I would some how take over and they would end up going to bed.

    I promise, I'm not a control freak....HA!

  8. I think Alex's ice cream truck is so cute! Love it. I'm really bad at this...I always want to do it for them. I'm working on it though, and you are often my inspiration in this!

  9. Oh my gosh, how awesome is that! Super fun!

  10. Look at how cute those cars are. Love it.

  11. Yes, I have a hard time letting my kids do their own projects. But what a beautiful ice cream truck that Alex mostly made! Because you let her do it, I am sure she loves it all the more. It may not look perfect by your standards, but I am sure it does by hers. And seriously, what a fun activity for the kindergartners.