Thursday, April 4, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments: The One Where I Fail

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Motherhood truly can be so wonderful, at times horrible, and other times ridden with guilt.  A lot of the guilt we put on ourselves unnecessarily as us moms are often way too hard on ourselves.   This last Monday, well my guilt was justified.

I picked Alex up from kindergarten, fed she and Ryder lunch, put on a show for them and enjoyed the time to myself while the TV entertained them for a bit.  Their show ended and I tried to put on my happy/entertaining mom hat ready to play and have fun.  A small miracle occurred though and Alex and Ryder ran upstairs to play together.  Yes, sweet victory!

I glanced at the clock, 12:45.  I debated whether I should bother trying to put Ryder down for a nap before it was time to get Lucas as he rarely takes naps anymore.   I thought a little more about Lucas and that I was happy he liked school so much.  I mentally ran through my afternoon schedule noting that we would need to leave to get Lucas about 2:20 for his 2:45 dismissal.

Alex and Ryder continued to play and I broke out my computer and started writing.  Have I told you I am starting to write a book?  I have always loved writing.  I was in a groove going strong when my cell phone rang at 1:40.  It was Lucas' school.

"Did he get sick?" I immediately thought, "or get sent to the principle?" It couldn't be the latter I thought while picking up the phone.

"Hi, Mrs ... this is X from Lucas' school, he is here in the office, today is Monday, early out day."
"Oh my gosh!" I squealed. "Tell him I am on my way right now!"

"Alex, Ryder!" I screamed after hanging the phone up, "we have to go get Lucas!  I forgot today was early out day!"

Yes- early out day which is and has been every single Monday the entire year.  The day that he gets out at 1:15 instead of 2:45.

As I drove I braced myself, guilt swarmed me, I knew he would be upset, most likely crying as he is my tender-hearted one.

I parked and ran to the office and saw him sitting on a chair (along with about 6 other kids in the office), "Lucas I am so sorry!" I said hugging him, "I forgot it was Monday!"

"Did you see this?" he asked showing me a flyer in his hand and then began chatting away.  No tears, no anger, no 'where were you, why did you not come'.  Just happy chatter.

Later that night as I was recounting to Eric what happened Lucas said "yea Mom just forgot it was Monday."

You can bet I said many prayers of gratitude that night that in that moment he was so good, calm and understanding.  Plus I relearned a lesson on the importance of forgiving others and not being so quick to judge as mistakes truly do happen.

I was a very proud (albeit- guilty) mama.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?


  1. Don't feel so bad, my friend Aerielle did the same thing yesterday, but didn't know it was an early out day. She was with her husband in the big 2 seater truck and had to call her Mother-in-law to go pick up the kids. It happens to the best of us.

  2. So glad he wasn't upset! I know I would've had the mommy guilt too.

  3. It's totally understandable that it slipped your mind, and it's totally awesome that he dealt so well with it!

  4. 1. SOOOO impressed with Lucas!
    2. I would totally do that.
    3. 1:15?? We get out at 1:45 and 1;50 at the middle school.
    4. Kristin still gets upset if I am late (so do the other two)

  5. I could have totally done this too. It can happen to ANY of us. I am so used to my routine that I would forget "early out" day for sure! So glad he wasn't upset. :)

  6. Oh, Emmy, don't be too hard on yourself...I totally could have done this too. Good job to Lucas for staying calm!!! A very proud moment indeed :)

  7. Um...yeah...I did that on an early release day before. My son was in KG and now he's in 4th and he STILL remembers it. LOL

  8. I can understand the guilt, but definitely don't beat yourself up over it - like Nicole said, it happens to the best. The bonus was that Lucas seemed unphased by it - that makes it easier on you. Children are resilient, even the tender-hearted sensitive ones :)

  9. first way to go Lucas for being so grownup. Second we all have done this a some point. third a book you totally rock and finally thanks for the reminder that little man gets out early today

  10. What a relief that Lucas took it in stride. I know that feeling of anticipation, glad it had a happy ending! Nice teaser on facebook, by the way, I totally had to know what happened!

  11. I'm glad he wasn't upset! Even the best moms are forgetful sometimes!

  12. I did the same thing with Ethan on his early out day just a few months ago. Forgot to pickup his entire carpool. In a snow storm. Didn't answer my phone either. One of the other parents finally went and picked them up! Um yeah, talk about a mashed potato brain moment. The pits! So glad Lucas understood. Somehow our kids survive us. ;)

  13. That happened to me once. I had a terrible migraine and took some tylenoyl and laid down. When I woke I was almost an hour late picking up my daughter. She was in 5th grade at the time. She's in 8th now and still doesn't let me live it down! It truly was a mistake though. Your right, we are entirely too hard on ourselves.

  14. Oh my gosh I bet your heart just raced with fear! What a sweet boy you have - you obviously are a GREAT mom as he had no fear because he knew you would come for him, it's all about trust and love which goes to show he has plenty of for you.

  15. OOOh, it was bound to happen- it happens to us all- but when a child is forgotten due to a mixup... ARGH!!!!! Bear is only 4 and we don't have too much pick up and drop off just yet, but I know it is coming and I sooo fear the day! On the flip side, when I used to teach I remember consoling parents who forgot and not understanding why they were so very upset even as their child was safe with me. Now as a Mama? I GET IT!!!

  16. Glad he wasn't too upset-- I'm sure he won't remember this in his adult life-- that's what I keep saying to myself when things go the wrong way-- please don't let them remember this! What's your book about?

    1. It is a fiction novel- kind of a romantic/comedy style, would be popular in the YA category. It is about a girl who has this whole plan and when things don't work out finds herself having to find a job and reevaluate everything, with some romance, some drama and sadness and some fun twists and turns.

  17. Don't beat yourself up to much about it. We all seem to forget things like that once in a while... okay, maybe it's just me. But like you said it didn't seem to bother him.
    Forgive and forget... kids sure do seem to understand this well.

  18. Awww we all do stuff like that...but so glad Lucas didn't take it was an honest mistake!

  19. Oh Emily...bless your heart. Mamas are so busy at this stage of life!

  20. Oh my goodness, I would have felt so bad! I'm glad he was so cool with it!

  21. That's great that he wasn't upset! I did the same thing with my step son last year. I panicked and flew out of the house speeding the whole way to pick him up, thinking that he was going to be so upset with me. He was having a blast - he got to stay late and play on the computers, and read neat books, and do an extra arts and crafts project. Ha ha! Thank goodness for great kids :)