Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chicago Family Trip: Part 2

Sharing some more of my family's trip back to Chicago today, you can see the first part here.

Growing up, I remember my mom made this "magical" bubble solution.  We once got these ginormous bubbles that were literally making it all the way down the street.  We tried to recreate those bubbles and didn't have quite the same success but still had a lot of fun.
bubbles 3

And a word to the wise- don't get too close when your 3-year-old is trying to do bubbles

A bubble wand to the face is disastrous
bubbles 2

And when that same 3-year-old later trips and falls in the bubble solution, well your husband may wonder what you are doing when you stop to take a picture rather than help clean up him up.

And remember how I was saying how I forgot how green the Midwest is?   Have you ever seen those little helicopters from oak trees?  Well, those little helicopters will land in your flower bed and just start growing into trees.
The green makes lots of pretty flowers too
My  mom, who is an amazing painter, and Alex were artists together.
After the kids were in bed we would snack, play games and cards, pinochle is a favorite. 
We also ate in a lot of awesome and interesting places; my BIL took us to this chicken place in Hyde Park (area of Chicago)-- and well let's just say the location was interesting.... bullet proof glass covering the entire serving area window; with a little spinning turn area that they would send the food out.
But the chicken was good!

He also took us to some awesome food places like Frank N' Dawgs- as seen on the Food Channel and a million other reviews. 
The hot dogs were amazing with so many crazy combinations and toppings and the buns, to die for good!  The corn dogs were nothing to write home about, very unique but none of my kids cared for them,  just stick with a hot dog and you will be in heaven! 

It was such a fun trip and I have only covered some of it, we still have Black Berry Farm (not to be confused with Knotts Berry Farm), down town Chicago including the Sears Willis Tower,  the zoo and The Bean, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Rendezvous.  Yes we did a ton!  So more to come tomorrow!  


  1. Now those are some serious bubbles! I hope to take the boys to Chicago when they are a little older.

  2. It really is such a fun city with a lot to do. If you ever do go, let me know and I can let you know all the great things to do.

  3. Oh what a fun trip! Chicgao is on my list of places to try and that Franks and Dawgs looks fun! I love that your family plays cards too! Enjoying following along Emmy!

  4. Sounds like a fun trip! We love root beer. What a neat idea to collect different types.

  5. Those maple things are everywhere here! We had almost all maples at our last house and never had near the problem we do at this house. I've pulled them out of flower pots, the ground, the driveway, and the gutters! Most of them aren't even from our own trees!

  6. Your BIL seriously seems like so much fun! I'd hang out with him! :o)

    I love bubbles! That first picture of Alex is REALLY cool!

  7. I'm so jealous!! I've always wanted to visit, and am quite enjoying your posts from throughout the city!

    I can't wait to read more when you post :)

  8. those are some awesome bubbles! What'd you use to make the bubble solution?

  9. I think she used dish soap and glycerin- I will have to find out for sure

  10. Chicago is a very fun city-- just don't go there in the winter, so cold! :)

  11. He really is so much fun- he is a great match for my sister

  12. Yes! My parents had some growing in the rain gutters too, so crazy!

  13. It was a great trip, so much fun.

  14. Thank you! We used to live in the same city as my parents and would play cards every week, miss being able to play that often with them

  15. Oh how fun! And it looks like you guys had a blast! My grandmother tried to teach me that card game... not sure it stuck though :(

  16. Yea, it is confusing at first to remember how to bid, what to pass, etc, but used to play it once a week with my parents so I learned it pretty good