Thursday, October 24, 2013

7 Days in Numbers

Sometimes I wonder where the day has gone.. another month is almost over, time just seems to fly.  Sometimes I wonder what did I do all day long?  So here is the last 7 days in numbers (and pictures)

2 in-laws visiting
2 massive onion rings
0 upset stomachs

7 stores unsuccessfully shopped at
2 nightstands ordered on-line
1 bedroom soon to be made over
This is the nightstand I ordered- it will soon be painted English Yellow!
1 SoCal Social
50 or so bloggers together
2 awesome speakers
4 awesome new friends

Intermix throughout the last 7 days:
2 books read and finished
100 zombies killed in Plants vs. Zombies 2
1 BYU Football game won, by 1 point
Picture from here

1 peaceful Sunday
3 hours of church service
1 pork chop consumed at dinner

2 in-laws leaving
3 crying children
1 basketball game for my husband

2 thrift stores shopped at
2 hours of homework fighting
1 3-year-old napping
Not a picture from this week, but a picture of him napping
1 foggy day
2 hours of volunteer school service
2 hours at a baby shower

The final and very important number-

 1 day until my birthday

What numbers fill your days?


  1. Love this! Are those onion rings for real?!

    1. They are! Crazy huh? They are at Richie’s Diner

  2. That sounds like a very busy week!

    Yay for birthdays! I'm sure that yours is going to be so much fun!

  3. Sounds like you had a busy but good week! Those onion rings are making me hungry. It's almost lunch time!

    1. Yes, I ended up only eating one of them as they were so big!

  4. Happy Early birthday! Hope you have a great one. And WOAH. Those are some BIG onion rings! HA HA!

    1. I know! My husband was surprised when I ordered onions rings to begin with, I usually get fries and then we both saw them and were really surprised!

  5. This is lovely. Wow those onion rings like huge Yorkshire puddings with holes in! Hope you know what I'm on about! X

    1. I have never heard of Yorkshire pudding, I will have to go google it. They were huge.

  6. That picture of the onion rings... mmm... made me salivate!!
    Is that your hubby's father? (I'm assuming so, since you said your in-laws lol!) Wow, do they ever look alike!!
    Happy Early Birthday wishes to you, hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for you!! :)

    1. It sure is and yes they definitely look a lot alike. Eric is the only boy in his family so he and his dad are definitely very good friends too.

  7. Happy Early Birthday Emmy!! I'm lovin' the night stand, can't wait to see the bedroom makeover! That's my goal is to have crying Grandkids when it's my turn to leave - right now I'm the one crying when they leave!

    Your post add's up to one busy month!

    1. I have no doubt they will be crying for you soon too! I got the nightstands today! Unfortunately one is totally damaged but they will be sending me a new one, but yes I might just have to get started painting the good one I have.

  8. What a busy week! Your kiddos are too cute and what a fun way to capture a week. Hope you have a great birthday! :)

    1. Thank you! It was a busy week, it is no wonder I am so behind on blogging!

  9. Fun stuff! Cute post! Happy Birthday tomorrow! Yay! I hope you're going to live it up. I love the nightstand. That would look so awesome in yellow. So cool. We are going to remake our room too, to go with our bathroom. Someday...if it ever gets done... :)

  10. It's officially Friday here on the East Coast - and so I shall wish you an official Happy Birthday!

    Wishing you the happiest of happies!!

  11. Love it!!!day to day very fast!!!

  12. Whew!!! Busy, busy, busy!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today and a great weekend celebrating. I can't wait to see those nightstands finished! (Just don't do it on your b-day weekend!) :o)

  13. Life has been so busy lately hasn't it? Once we hit September it's like we are straight into the holidays!

  14. Oh my...those onion rings. Where did those come from?

  15. This is soooo cute but dang, you did all of that in one week? CRAZY