Friday, October 4, 2013

Want a ReTweet- Quote a Mormon

This weekend is a very special weekend for me and for millions of others who share my faith.  It is a semi-annual General Conference where we will be able to listen to messages of hope, inspiration and guidance.  It is a weekend that will help me remember what really matters in life and be filled with so much hope and peace.

Plus it will give me lots of great quotes to pin and tweet.  Even rappers like to tweet things from LDS General Conference.

Yep, the likes of Pharrell, LL Cool J and P-Diddy have all tweeted quotes that came from General Conference.  Not only did the tweet quotes, but the quotes from LDS Conference got far more retweets than times when they quoted other inspirational words.  When P-Diddy quoted L. Tom Perry an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- well you can see what happened.
(You can see more rappers that have quoted LDS Prophets and Apostles at this awesome post here also where this great graphic above came from)

Not to mention so many of those great inspirational quotes you see on Pinterest

So if you are looking for a little pick-me up.  A little hope, some peace, some calm in this world that is so filled with chaos and crazy, then join me and millions of others throughout the world by watching and listening to General Conference.
Come listen to living prophets

You can watch on-line at, or on TV if you have the BYU-TV channel, or even follow me on Twitter as I will be tweeting some of my favorite quotes and thoughts throughout the weekend.   There are actually four sessions total, two on Saturday and two on Sunday so I will be sharing all weekend long.  

Do you have a favorite quote or inspirational thought that keeps you going? 


  1. I hope you have a great time and learn a lot!! Love the quotes!!

  2. Great post! I had no idea there was rappin' going on!
    My favorite....Anything from Elder Holland.

  3. Those are awesome quotes! I am definitely a quote girl...mostly I like inspirational sports ones, but I have about six quote books in the house! Love them!

  4. That's pretty cool! I love seeing those quotes everywhere!