Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ten Things to Smile About November

So it's not exactly the last Tuesday of the month, but with family in town I totally forget about Ten Things to Smile About, so November's list is going up today.   Look back and find 10 things that made you smile in November and link up, love reading every one's lists.

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10 Things to Smile About November 

1. Lots of family in town to celebrate Thanksgiving Week

2. Ryder is doing great potty training and got to open his toy for pooping in the potty! Yea!

3. Lucas earned his Wolf Badge

4.  Alex turned seven!

5.  Date Night to see Catching Fire

6. My new bedroom nightstands!

7.  Having a shoot that helps me remember why I love taking pictures so much

8.  Spending a morning shopping at a craft boutique with my friend Megan

9.  Those little moments in life that help you remember what it is all about

10.  This picture- these two cousins had so much fun together
What made you smile this month?  
Don't forget-- this Thursday is the first week in the Review Extrvaganza!!


  1. Such amazing things to smile about! Congrats on the wolf badge!

  2. What a great month! Love your photography, too!

  3. Love it! My little guy earned his Webelos badge last week. I can't wait to see Catching Fire. What awesome things you have to smile about!!

  4. I never realized how much Lucas looks like his daddy until that photo of the 3 of you for his badge. Think he'll be as tall as his daddy?

  5. Congrats to Lucas for making Wolf!! Your night stands turned out so nice!!! It was a good and busy month. Now for THOR. ;) I had to.

  6. I always love how expressive Alex is!

  7. Hope Alex had a fab day! Love your nightstand very bright. Looks like a wonderful month for you all. Happy belated thanksgiving x