Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We Want to Know Wednesday

I am busy getting my first recap done for tomorrow for the Review Extravaganza 2013 so I figured this would be the perfect time to link up with Kenzie and Scriptor for We Want To Know Wednesday.
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1. Would you rather eat at a fancy restaurant or eat a good home-cooked meal?
     Restaurant no doubt!  Especially if it is just my husband and I; but even with kids, love eating out.

2. Would you rather go on a road trip to a big city or go to the country?
    Big City-  I grew up outside of Chicago and have always loved how much there is to do.  Now that I live in the greater L.A. area; I am used to having lots of options available and want things to do while on vacation.

3. Would you rather receive $100 a day or $100,000 right now?
    $100 a day for sure as in only 3 years it is over $100,000.  Unless the $100 a day stops at $100,000 then I will just take it all up front.

4. Would you rather it be summer all year or winter?
    Do I even need to think about this?  Summer!  I live in Southern California, it is practically summer year round.

5. Would you rather watch TV or listen to music?
   Watch TV, I really hardly ever listen to music anymore, even in the car I often don't have music on.  Not sure why, just don't listen to it that much.

How about you? Are you a music listener?  How would you take the money?  

Come back tomorrow for the first week of the Review Extravaganza 2013!   So many awesome prizes you could win, plus it is just so fun to look back and recap and read other's recaps.  Remember, if you link all four weeks then you will be eligible for more bonus points (and better chances of winning).   You can read the rules and see the awesome prizes here.  See you tomorrow!


  1. I think I would prefer a good home cooked meal as long as I wasn't the one cooking it. :)

  2. We are practically twins on these - love the city, eating out and $100 a day sounds awesome!

  3. I like how you answered the money question so logically! :o)

    I'd rather eat out, too, as long as it's good food and not crummy fast food. I like not having to cook or clean up!

  4. I think I've been caught by the money question before - now I know the smart answer is to take $100 a day! lol!
    Eating out... every day...I would do it if I could! yum! I love going to restaurants!!
    I like to think I'm a music buff, but like you, as I get older, I don't seem to listen as much as I used to. I'm far more likely to sit and watch TV than listen to music. I need to make more of an effort to find new music again! I used to love doing that!!

  5. My husband only listens to music in the car or when running but he has no interest in finding new stuff, etc. It sued to surprise me but I guess I understand it.

  6. I love big cities. I mean I love living in the country but there are a lot of things we can see and do in the big cities that you can't do in the country and obviously vise versa. Someday I want to go to LA just to say I've been there.

  7. I took the $100 a day, as long as it goes on forever.
    My hubby is more a music listener than I am, but I do enjoy listening to it in the car. I like singing along in the car too.

  8. I chose the big city too, they are so fun to go to on occasion :) I have really been wanting to go to NYC!
    Summer all year round would be so nice.. I have to clean horse stalls Tuesdays and Thursdays and it is SO cold out.
    I am so excited for the review extravaganza tomorrow!!