Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review Extravaganza 2013: Week 1

I am so excited for this first week of the Review Extravaganza!  In case you missed the information about it, you can read the rules at this post here.  You can also see all of the great prizes you have a chance to win for playing along with us!  I have to take this time to thank all my awesome co-hosts, Shell, Janette, Lourie, Natalie, Nicole, Kenzie, and Amy; you definitely should check out all of their blogs as they are all ladies I love!

 You will have through next Wednesday to link up with this first weeks post, so join in.  If you tweet about it, use the hashtag #RE2013 so we can find each other's tweets.  This week we will be recapping January, February and March.  Make sure you grab the button for your post.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

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We started the year right with a hike to a waterfall
And got our Knotts Berry Farm Passes!

I interviewed my kids-(need to do this again!)

There was the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day;  then I had a better day and came up with a great Weekly Menu Printable.... which yea I hardly ever use as I hardly plan meals lately (bad Emmy).

California went through a "cold spell"

I got productive again and shared our family chore charts and family economy system
Can't forget the time my kids "spread the cheese"   Shared my Top 10 of 2012 (another thing I want to do again).  Janette and I began Heart Felt Acts- which yea we have both sucked this later half of the year.

I ended the month by telling you that it took me 11-years to learn how to fold pants.


I seemed to be sick on and off most of the month, but even being sick was still able to help everyone learn why Mama Know's Best

Even though I didn't have a voice, I still had a great time at the Power of Mom's Couple's Retreat

Ryder was his usual clever self by saying dad did a poop

Shared our fun Cub Scout Blue and Gold Cowboy Banquet 

I remembered to slow down and notice 

We had our traditional Fancy Family Valentines Dinner 
Alex lost her first tooth!
There was a month long heart-attack at my house.

I took a rare occasion to share about my job as a Foster Care Worker

Finally started a FB page for my blog

I confessed that I cannot swallow pills and showed you the crazy way I do

Celebrated my husband's birthday and created a monster in the process

I learned a life lesson from Lego

Told you more about myself with some old-school blogging.

We enjoyed spring break with a visit from my in-laws

I gave up being a mini-van mama when we bought a Dodge Durango

I got some of my favorite pictures of Alex

And it was an awesome Heart-felt Acts month where we took cookies to our local fire fighters

It was a great three months and I am glad I looked back as I totally would have forgotten about the New Years Questions I want to ask my kids.

Can't wait to see your recap.  Don't forget you have through next Wednesday to link up for week 1. Once you link up you can add your entry for a chance to be one of two winners to win so many amazing prizes.
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  1. I soooooo forgot about some of these things. But looking back I remembered. This is why it's sooooooo much fun to do this! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a cohost again!

  2. Yay! I can't believe it's time for the review again. Where did this year go? I wish I would've contacted you earlier but maybe next year I can join if you're looking for another host. :) Love your blog!

  3. Yes, interview them again, I'd love to see their answers now! Linking up tomorrow!

  4. I really have to do that kid interview thing!

  5. What a fantastic link up, thanks for having me! And your first part of the year looked fab! :D

  6. Such fun and funny memories to go through. I hope I can get around to doing this, still haven't done November's Ten Things...ack! Having my kids off-track in December is blowing my brain! :)

  7. Wow isn't it so amazing his much can happen in 3 months? Love seeing your recap!

  8. Such a fun recap! Every time I hear about your adventures at Knott's I get nostalgic. I used to go there every year with my parents.

  9. I love those pics of Alex. I snorted at Ryder's comment. So I'm happily reading through, and amazed that I'm remembering all these posts. Then I realized it was because they were from when I was pregnant, and not yet suffering from mommy brain!

  10. What I love most about these reviews is recalling the posts I remember from the past. I want to go to Knotts... you talk about it so much that I think it will be my first request to do when I come visit you SOME DAY.... and your sweet reflections on your kiddos... your hubby and the Valentine's was awesome! Just because we failed on a few months of Heart felt Acts-- we really rocked it and am still proud.

  11. beautiful pictures- you are really talented! Great link-up, thanks!

  12. Love this! I've interviewed my kids before and it's awesome. Well done!

  13. Your pics are always gorgeous! I remember most of these posts!

  14. We don't traditionally celebrate Valentine's Day, but your fancy dinner tradition makes me want to start! Absolutely love this idea. Despite the month o' sick, it sounds like a great start to 2013! (And I am so sorry if you received multiple email replies from me in response to your blog comment; my email client decided to go haywire.)

    1. Yes, we love doing this fancy dinner and we always do it on Valentines and then my husband and I just go out to eat on a different night that isn’t so busy and crazy.