Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cub Scout Blue and Gold: Western Theme

It's February, which means Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet time!  In my church I serve as the Cub Scout Committee Chair (well served as I just got released and have a different responsibility now) and this year we decided to do a Western Themed Blue and Gold Banquet!

The invitations!
I printed them on some brown card stock and then ran a black ink pad along the edges to give it that old worn out look.

A couple of weeks before the Blue and Gold during den meeting we had the boys make wanted posters.

A local grocery store happily donated brown paper bags, which we cut into a flat paper for each boy.  We then instructed them to write why they were wanted and for how much-having them leave a spot in the middle for their picture.

 I took each of the boys pictures, did some editing and added them to the posters.

I then tore the bags roughly around the edges and once again inked the edges.

At that same den meeting the boys also made stick-horses, which I will show later in the post.

The Decor:
 -red checkered table cloths
 -tin cans with flowers and helium balloons
 -mason jars with licorice
 -cucumber cactus
 -wanted posters
 -cowboy lingo signs
 -cowboy joke signs

We hung the wanted posters, along with some cute cowboy lingo and jokes around the walls of the gym
You could lift the jokes for the answer underneath 
The Tables

One of the leaders even brought a real saddle for display!   The cactus were on the food table and are simply cucumbers with lots of toothpicks poked into them.

  -Pulled pork or shredded beef sandwiches
  -side dishes (beans, chips, salads) provided by families
  -lemonade/water and root-beer to drink
  -cookies and root-beer floats for dessert

We served the dinner in disposable pie tins (like ones from Cafe Rio)

He liked his cookie

  -Boys got awards and cowboy hats (from dollar store!!)
  -Horse Craft table (for all kids when done eating)
  -Group participation old west story
  -Line dancing- just taught one quick dance
  -Stick horse races
Each boy got their cowboy hat when they got their awards
Made paper horses with clothespin legs, googly eyes, and yarn hair
Line Dancing!  And yes that is my son pouting behind my husband
Sick horse races
The boys made the horses during a den meeting.  They are brown paper lunch bags stuffed with newspaper.  Then they taped the head onto a empty wrapping paper roll.  They added googly eyes, card stock ears and yarn hair.   We had each boy write their name on the roll and kept them until the Blue and Gold or we knew they might not survive!

It was a great night and all the boys had a fun time and everyone enjoyed dressing up.
He loved his root-beer float! 

Have you ever been to a Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet?

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  1. Ethan just got invited to The Blue and Gold Banquet here! They are inviting all the boys who will turn 8 this year. It was weirding me out to think of since he just turned 7! This will be my first. Yours looks awesome!! So much fun. The decor and everything is so cute! I love the cactuses! FUN STUFF!

  2. Wow! This seriously was so well done! Good job mama! No wonder you were feeling a little under the weather, you been up to a lot lately!

  3. Your B & G banquets are always so much better than ours!!! Oh well, if I wanted them fun then I'd have to volunteer my time and I just don't want to do that. So boring it is!

  4. Everything looks amazing! You did a great job getting this together.

  5. You did such a great job decorating!! I love all the food and the little details. :)

  6. Wow you are a busy lady with such talent! I love the pictures!

  7. Wow great job Missy! You can do it all...looks like so much fun!

  8. I forgot to ask, what is your new calling now?

  9. Oh wow, Emmy! What an AMAZING event and decor and just everything! So very cool!! I'm just flabbergasted at how awesome everything looks and how everything turned out! Genius! :) This would make a great birthday party, too! I'm totally bookmarking this post so I can refer back to it when Little Dude wants to have a Western themed birthday party. :)

    Dissed by Nemo, Princess Nagger the Actress and Art Winner, Jack Frost is a Deer

  10. I love this soooo much! Party planning is in my blood! Love those stick horses. And the dinner served in the tin pie plates.

  11. You have the best ideas! I need like 1/4 of your creativity please! Looks great and I'll bet the boys had a blast!

  12. What a great theme and party too! The cucumbers w/toothpicks rock, and I like the little hay bale for the table too.

    Good job w/the party planning. :)

  13. What a fun night! This would be perfect for a birthday party too! Andrew told me last night that he was a cowboy so if he sticks with that this could be his birthday party next year!

  14. Wow! Everything looked great, and it really sounds like fun! :-)

  15. I am so thrilled to see all the wonderful things you have done. WOW. You are one talented lady. Such a cute everything! I wish I could have gone to it. What will you be doing next? Whatever it is, it will be amazing!

  16. I love this! We have a activities days daddy daughter date in the works and the girls picked a Hoe Down as the theme. I LOVED the cactus plants :) I may have to steal that idea! It looks like it was a lot of fun!

  17. Is there anything you can't do!? My son's Blue & Gold Banquet is next week and it will be fun but not amazing like that!

  18. Your husband is HUGE next to all those kids! So funny. I love the cactus'. What a fun and absolutely lovely Blue and Gold. You are truly impressive!

  19. Hi! I was just called to be the cub master in a brand new ward and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Thank you for all these amazing ideas! I hope you don't mind that I copy quite a few of them. :) I was wondering if you could give me any more information on the cowboy story-telling. Is there a particular script you could share with me? Thanks! hillarycottle@gmail.com

    1. I'd love to know about the cowboy story telling as well. arizonawingnut@hotmail.com

  20. So fun. We are prepping for our Western Blue and Gold. Would you be willing to share your Western jokes, story, and scout cheers? Thanks in advance. lauramdavis@sbcglobal.net

  21. So fun. We are prepping for our Western Blue and Gold. Would you be willing to share your Western jokes, story, and scout cheers? Thanks in advance. lauramdavis@sbcglobal.net

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