Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heart-felt Acts: Cookies for Firemen

“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” 

Some days I feel very selfish.  Sure I am a mom and so by nature am giving all day to my kids, but too often it is easy for it to end right there.  So at the end of last year when Janette of the Johanson Journey and I were trying to come up with something more we could do-- Heartfelt Acts was born.

You can read more about Heartfelt Acts and see the entire years goals by clicking here.

1.  Thank you police or fire department- take them a baked item.
2.  Leave 5 random notes of love or affirmation in different public places.

This month I just completed one of the goals- thanking our local fire department by taking them a baked item.

I decided spring break would be a perfect time to do this.  While I made dozens of No Bake Cookies, Lucas and Alex each drew a picture for our firefighters.   I talked with them about the sacrifices, the hard work and how important fire fighters are to the community.

Alex drew a picture of beautiful flowers on a hill and wrote "Thank you", Lucas drew a picture of a firetruck.

The kids asked what we should say, I said we would just tell them we were there to thank them for all they do.
Holding the cookies and their pictures before going in the firehouse
We showed up at the firehouse and I tried the front door only to find it locked.  My heart raced wondering what I should do when I noticed a doorbell.  I rang it and one of the firefighters immediately came and opened the door.

The kids gave him their pictures and said thank you and he immediately invited us in.  One of the other firefighters got some hats and stickers for the kids and they asked us if we would like to see the truck, of course we said yes.

They asked us why we were there; I told them I was trying to help teach my kids to show thanks and appreciation for those around us and for those who help serve.  "What a good mom!" they complimented many times and I have to be honest, it felt good to hear.

One of the firefighters showed Lucas the mechanics of the truck, right up Lucas' alley and they posed for pictures.

The firefighters loved Ryder's shirt (thanks Mom!) and kept saying they should get a shirt just like that for themselves, only bigger.

As we left Lucas said "that was so cool and it was so nice to do"  Alex said, "I feel really happy and good inside".  Even a week later the thing that Ryder kept bringing up and saying was "we gave firefighters cookies".   He didn't talk about seeing the truck and sitting in it but talked about the cookies we gave the firefighters.

I am so grateful for Heartfelt Acts and even if it is such a little simple thing-- it is a little simple thing that I might not have done without it.

Please feel free to join us anytime and when you blog about it you can add your link anytime.  Here are April's goals

1.  Forgive Someone.
2.  Send a care package (ex: military, friend or family member in college, or any friend just because).

 Also make sure to go read Janette's post today-- she visited her local firehouse with her kids too.


  1. I love this idea! You are a great mom!

  2. Looks like fun and a great lesson to boot!

  3. I love that all Firemen from California to Texas allow the kids to come in and see the trucks and equipment! I am proud of ya for actually making cookies! The kids look so happy!! :)

  4. What a fantastic idea - they sound like a great bunch of guys who deserve their treats, above & beyond the sacrifices they make taking on one of the most dangerous jobs in the world! Also, looks like it was a super-fun day for your kids. Win-win :)

  5. You are a great mom! I know that made their day to be thanked and appreciated for the hard work. I love the picture of you all with the firemen.

  6. Loved this! So lovely what your children said afterwards, definitely what it's all about! Glad they appreciated the cookies and you all had a lovely time in return! :)

  7. Oh my what a great idea...and I love how happy they were to do this! These photos say it all!

  8. Warm and fuzzy! My son would love this. What a great idea. I think I'm going to do it too. The fire station is just down the street from us.

  9. This is so awesome, Emmy!! You ARE a good mom!!
    P.S. I love your outfit :)

  10. This was truly a neat idea! Who knew even firemen kept their doors locked during the day? :o)

  11. i love this what a great idea and so kind

    1. You are a good mom not only are you kids talking about it but I'm darn sure those firemen won't forget that! Nice job!!

  12. I loved this one! Such a wonderful thing to do for the firemen and an even better lesson for the kids.

  13. Aw, so sweet! Ryder's shirt is perfect, you know. Did you plan that? I always worry about taking baked goods places like that because I am not sure I would want to eat something a stranger made, just because of all the worry in the 80's of razor blades and poison. I worry too much. Reading about this experience may have made me a little braver. And is there a rule that firemen have to be handsome to get the job?! I love the heartfelt acts you do. I am hoping to join you one of these months, when things are a might less overwhelming. Excuses, I know. :/

  14. What a terrific affirmation for those hard-working firemen! I'm glad your kids really understood the gratitude behind that - and also had a fun time too!

  15. The best part about this whole project is that your kids are part of it, and really learning how to serve and be kind. It's something that will stick with them through their whole lives!

  16. You guys probably made their week with that visit!

  17. Awesome Em. And such a great memory for your kids.

  18. That is so awesome. The best part about it was that Lucas and Ryder cared more about doing good than the perks that came with it.

  19. what a great field trip for your kids! After 9-11, we took cookies to local firemen and police stations. With the Boston tragedy, it's time to do that again.
    from The Dugout