Thursday, March 28, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments: Candy Jokes

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My kids like candy.  They get this from their father.  Remember the Jelly Bean machine he got last year for his birthday-- yea it's always full.
The Jelly Beans for the machine for his birthday last year
Lately the candy of choice has been Laffy Taffy, probably because we have a big bag of it.  As you may know Laffy Taffy candies have jokes on the wrapper. You know the ones like "Why did the skeleton go to the movie alone?"  "He had no body to go with"... da-da-dum.

Ryder has learned that here are jokes on the Laffy Taffys and will ask me to read the jokes to him, usually laughing before I even read the punchline.

Yesterday, he decided to do it himself.

"No, I will read it!" he said while holding his laffy taffy flat to see the words.

"Why did the toilet go to the bathroom?"  "Because it wanted to go potty and his horn was broken."

"Why did the garbage can go to the grocery story?"  "Because he wanted to throw everything away"

Well, let's be honest his jokes aren't much worse than the ones on the wrappers.

And just a totally random cute Ryder thing-- here is a video my Father-in-law made when they were visiting last week of Ryder golfing.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?


  1. I think Ryder's jokes might actually be better!

  2. I LOVE laffy taffies!!!! Especially the yellow ones. I used to buy the big tubs at Sam's and eat all the yellow and pink ones. Then I'd have to wait for someone to finish off the purple and green ones so I could buy a new tub! :o) I wonder who actually writes the jokes for those things and why you never ever get the same joke twice!

    I love the video! Ryder is growing up so fast! And your father-in-law could be a sports broadcaster. Or any kind of broadcaster actually. He has the perfect voice for it!

  3. Ok first, it says the last Tuesday of every month up there for your button. Ok just wanted to make sure you knew, sorry.

    I'm not sure I get those last 2 jokes..... But I love Ryder golfing in the video. Especially the large ball he used. But the slow-mo was the best!

    1. Woops totally put the wrong button-- fixing that that now :)

    2. Oh and no one gets that last two jokes-- two year old jokes rarely make sense.

  4. That video is just so cute! It totally made me smile! And Ryder's jokes, they're pretty darn cute too! Now I want candy, and it's only 7:30 in the morning! Good thing we don't have any... :)

  5. Bahaha the slow motion!! Little kid jokes are the best (not).

  6. Haha he should have a show in vegas. I think a toddler jokes show would be awesome!

  7. My kids love the Laffy Taffy Jokes too. My autistic 19-year-old still asks me if jokes are funny because he just doesn't get them.

  8. Awwwww, he was pretty proud of his golfing skills! And you're not kidding that his jokes are right on the same level as theirs. lol Too cute!

  9. Oh Ryder...such a doll! What a sense of humor too!

  10. way go a possible future stand up comedian in the works

  11. HAHA! I love Laffy Taffy jokes! =)

  12. I love the slow motion play!

    What a cute kid!

  13. "Orange you glad I didn't say peach!"

  14. Oh my gosh. That video is too cute. I love the slow motion!!

    Those jokes are so bad. Ryder's pretty good at them though!

  15. AWW! I love this!! Kids think things are so funny! I love it. Such a happy lil' guy! Love the high 5 at the end! So proud!

  16. Those jokes are great! They are better than Faye's, and he is younger than her! :)
    That slow motion shot is hilarious! What a fun time you all have together.