Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday 5: Double Booked

Friday 5 (#Friday5)  Sharing 5 things and 5 pictures from the week.  Join in every Friday.

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This week's co-host is Kathrine of Cupcakes and Other Ramblings.   Katherine is newer blogger who I just recently discovered when she started linking up with some of my different linky parties every week (see good to link up).  She shares posts about life, things that are going on, with cupcake recipes thrown in between.  Her cupcake posts always make me drool a bit and I love that she gives real honest reviews about the different cupcake recipes she makes.

Here the questions I asked Kathrine this week.
1. How long have you been blogging?
August of 2013

2. What would you dream job be?
Either an archaeologist but without all the politics and stuff the job usually entails or someone who does genealogy.  I love history and research and those two things have always been fascinating too me.  

3. Why did you start blogging, what is your favorite part about it?
I love projects and goals and I started blogging to help me keep track of everything.  I love the accountability.  I can say Oh I'm going to accomplish x this month and then talk myself out of it but if I've written it down I'm way better at follow through.  I love participating in linkups and finding other blogs and people that have similar interests or fresh perspectives. 

4. What is your favorite movie, or a movie you recently watched and loved?
This one is tough.  I don't really watch a lot of movies.  I think I have commitment issues because while I have no problem watching TV the idea of committing to an entire movie makes me jumpy.  My favorite movie has always been Grosse Pointe Blank which is a really dark comedy with John Cusack make in the 90s but it's been awhile since I've seen it.  I need to rewatch it to make sure I still like it.  We did go see The Lego Movie a few weeks ago and really liked it though I've yet to get that song fully out of my head.

5. If you could have one super power what would it be?
I'm torn between the ability to stop time so I could get more things done and the ability to be invisible because I'm really nosy!

5 Things
1.  I don't feel that busy.. okay that's a lie there is always a lot going on, but why do the big things always have to get scheduled for the same night?  Lately I have been double booked or people have been trying to double book me all the time.  Last night was a huge Gala/fundraiser for a hospital that Eric has done work at, this was a formal, thousands of dollars for a table kind of event... last night was also my kids' school open house.  We did both, ditching out of the Gala right after we ate and hurrying though each of the kids classrooms.  Why couldn't they have been on different nights??

2. My kids spring break is next week, I am looking forward to it and trying to make sure I don't just let my kids sit around and watch movies or play mine craft all day... though if I am reading a good book you never know.

3.  Eric had a fun birthday, he got home a little later than he wanted and of course the kids wanted him to open presents first so we just did a quick dinner then on Saturday went to Rain Forest Cafe.

4.  Saturday I photographed the California Mother of the Year Award; it was a very uplifting morning and so awesome that moms are being honored and recognized for doing a work that is so truly important.

5. Oh and because of that Mother of the Year award- I got to experience heaven in my mouth!  Seriously!  They gave out these mint truffle bars that I just seriously think I moaned the whole way through (thankfully I was at home).  They are called Utah Truffles.  If anyone knows anyone at this company and they want a spokesperson or lots of blogging love, seriously send them my way!

5 Pictures

Standing over the highway after soccer practice--don't worry I was on a  bridge with a big fence
The fancy gala dinner

This year and two past years California Mother of the Year recipients 
Best way to go clothes shopping- he didn't complain once
What are you Friday 5?   Remember if you would like to co-host just e-mail me at emmy (at) emmymom2 (dot) com.


  1. Does this mean you guys went to the open house in your tux and gala gown?! If so, I really would have wanted to be there to see that! :o)

    1. We almost did, as we were possibly going to return to the dinner, for the concert part, after the open house, but we decided there wouldn’t be time so both quickly changed when we were picking up the kids. I did have more of an evening- event style makeup thing going on though, so I was still all fancy that way. :)

  2. I'm with Sarah, you would have really set the bar for other parents if you went to Open House in your finery!

    1. Lol, yes we sure would have. We did hurry and change though— a lot for my feet’s sake, my big heels while great for sitting down at a dinner are not the best for walking down the big hill to my kids school and all around the school

  3. WOW! Those flowers on the table are gorgeous!!

    Maybe I should dress up for conferences so the teacher thinks I am someone!

    1. It was definitely decorated so beautifully. Especially considering that it is a hockey rink that that it took place at, they also have concerts and other things too. We actually ended up quickly changing out clothes when we picked the kids up to take them to the open house

  4. I'm like you, I always hate getting double booked and then you have to sometimes decide this or that. It's frustrating! I love Rainforest Cafe, I got to eat at one in Nashville. Sooo cool you guys went! (oh and that mall we ate at it in, when Nashville flooded a few years ago, yeah the whole mall flooded. crazy, right?!?! It was right behind the Grand Ole Opry. I couldn't imagine eating at a table where it was thousand dollars for a table, dang, hopefully the food was delish!

    1. That is so sad that whole area flooded. I have had a fun expensive dinners though Eric’s work things, and sadly the food really wasn’t very good at all. The meat was tough and only luke warm.

  5. I hate being double booked! It doesn't happen quite as much as it used to but it's such a pain. I love tablets! I have a Kindle Fire and it makes all the difference anytime I know we're going to have to wait a long period of time!

    1. Yes, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, I mean he plays the iPad at home anyway.. if it is just an in and out or even regular shopping trip he is actually great though, it is just when it comes to browsing and trying things on that he gets bored- so this is perfect for those kind of trips

  6. You mean don't already live and breathe Mine Craft! hahaha. Like really no matter what you are talking about some how Mine Craft is relatable. Hahaha.

    1. Oh my goodness I get told more things about it every day than I ever care to know!

  7. My 7 year old just told me that if he could have any power he would want the power to read minds. I thought that was a pretty good one. I also have two teenagers so that power would come in very hand in this house.

    1. Yes! I am always back and forth with that, I think at times I would really like this but then at the same time do I really want to know what someone truly thinks- could kill my self-esteem.