Monday, March 17, 2014

Discovering Peace Book Review

I received a copy of Discovering Peace by Jennifer Ann Holt to review.
One choice in one night changed Allison's life forever. An unplanned and unexpected pregnancy lead Allison to the difficult decision to place her daughter for adoption. Through her faith and prayers she has come to peace with this decision and now must learn how to truly move forward in life.

Does she really believe? Do she really believe she can be forgiven and made clean through the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Allison (Ally) has to truly ask herself these question as she tries to move forward. This book follows Ally's journey, as well as the adoptive parents of the baby, as they move forward in the lives, seeking for peace and happiness.

I love how this book gives wonderful insights into both the birth mother and adoptive parents thoughts and feelings on their new journeys. The characters are so likable and believable. I had a hard time putting the book down (made my can't put down category which not many books do), I wanted to know what would happen next. After I finished the book and was reading a little about the author, Jennifer Holt, I discovered that she suffers from infertility and has been through the adoption process herself; she was able to truly give an insiders view. I also discovered that this is actually a sequel to the book "Delivering Hope".  I was not confused or felt like I was missing part of the story so this book can stand on it's own, though I wish I would have read the other first.

This book is one that will leave you filled with peace, hope and happiness in the end. It is written from an LDS author and LDS fiction, so there are a lot of cultural and beliefs of the LDS faith; however I believe anyone could appreciate this book. This is a clean-book, so while PG-13 in subject matter, is free of language, and graphic violence and sex. It is also a very quick read. I definitely recommend this book.

You can find Jennifer's webiste here  and can find her on Twitter @JenniferAnnHolt    She has a giveway on her blog, which ends in a few days for signed copies of this and the first book in this series and a $20 Amazon Gift card! 

You can purchase her book at the following locations:
  Cedar Fort//Amazon//Barnes & Nobel//

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of Discovering Peace to review, all feeling and opinions are my own and truthful

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