Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday 5: Ups and Downs

It's time for Friday 5! (#Friday5) Sharing 5 things and 5 pictures from the week.

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This week my guest co-host is my dear friend Janette of the Johnason Journey.  I have known Janette through the blogging world for several years now.  We have even face-timed, texted and I just really wish she wasn't so far away in Texas as I think we would have so much fun just hanging out.  She was my partner in crime on Heartfelt Acts and is just someone that I always know will have my back.

Here are the questions I asked Janette.

1. How long have you been blogging? It feels like so much longer, but I've been blogging for 6 years... probably more in the past 2-3 years than when I first started out.  

2. What is your dream job?  I would love to own my own shop.  I just can't figure out exactly what I would have in it.  I also would love to be an event planner or own my own event planning company.  I still feel like a college kid asking myself what I want to be when I grow up!  

3. If you were given $1,000 right now what would you do with it? Sadly, I'd probably have to put it towards debt but ideally I'd love to put it as a down payment for an amazing family trip.

4. How do you like to spend Saturday night?  Cuddled up watching a movie or catching up on past tv shows we have recorded with my family.

5. What is your favorite part about blogging?  Your least favorite part?  I love and adore the friendships I have made through blogging.  If I miss a week or have a slow time, I still know my friends are there.  My least favorite is the numbers.  I know the numbers are a big deal for marketing and getting chosen for campaigns, but it feels too much like a popularity contest and I'd rather just stay focused on why I started blogging to begin with when I started sharing pictures of our family journey.

For sure head to her blog.  You can also find her on Facebook//Pinterest//Twitter

5 Things
1. Some weeks seem to fly- this last week was incredibly long.  It stared with Alex getting sick last Friday, catching throw-up in a bowl is never a fun thing, but I did get an awesome break at the Craftastic Saturday and Sundays are always nice (oh except that Alex felt sick during church so we ditched out to bring her home), but since then I have been playing single mom while Eric has been working 14-15 hour days.  On Wednesday I sent my kids to school with no lunch as they liked what was being served... on Thursday.  Thankfully the Wednesday food turned out to be something they didn't mind that much.

2. I am almost caught up on American Idol- Ryder often watches it with me and likes the "shorter show"- i.e. the results show.

3. Tuesday Ryder had a play date with one of his girl friends.  Her mom told me that the night before the play date she was signing a song about playing with Ryder and that she hoped he would play ponies with her.  Last time they played he didn't play ponies as there weren't any boy ponies.  I told him he could be Rainbow Dash as I used to think she was a boy.

4. While Ryder was at his play date I finished Easter shopping, went and bought myself some new capris and went to Panera Bread for lunch and sat there for an hour reading a book.  It was heaven.  Plus I heard back that Ryder and his friend played so well that it was a break for the mom too- definitely need more of these playdates.

5. Ryder has started making cards for everyone and loves writing the words himself.  He has made several for me which he then goes and puts on my nightstand to surprise me.   Not really much of a surprise that way, but I still love it.

5 Pictures
Sick Alex
Eric took soccer duty while I was at Craftastic Saturday- Slurpees after the game 
Amanda and me at Craftastic Saturday 
My lunch at Panera 
A bowling Alley game sign Ryder made- he wrote his name and drew the picture
What is your Friday 5 this week?


  1. Shopping and lunch on your own sounds wonderful. The crafting day sounds good too! So glad Alex is feeling better! Love the picture of all 3 of them with the slurpees - too cute! The card thing sounds adorable.

    1. It really was wonderful, especially since it is something I so rarely ever do. Eric took the slurpee picture, as I was gone at my crafting day then :)

  2. Love the photos. Glad Alex is feeling better.

    1. Thank you! And me too, hate when they throw up

  3. So glad you got a couple of much needed breaks. The time at Panera sounds like the best ever. You know, I just thought of this..we had a blood moon,lunar eclipse all at once...possibly why the week was so rough! Hopefully things calm down for everyone. hahaha. :*

  4. Tell Ryder I would LOVE to play his bowling alley game with him!

  5. Such a fun Friday link up that I really should be doing every Friday... glad there was a reason to hook up with you today to do it... and for the sweet things you said. We're friends till the end girl. :) Love seeing pics of the kids and seriously, I want to do Craftastic Saturday every day!

  6. I'm so sorry Alex was sick. You'd dealt with more than your fair share of throw up lately! :(

    An afternoon reading a book with a yummy lunch sounds like bliss. You totally deserved that!

    1. I know! I really don’t like dealing with throw up, one of the joys of being a mom I guess.

      It was so nice to have the day to myself, strange but wonderful.

  7. Poor Alex. Being sick is never fun. I'm so jealous of Craftastic Saturday. :)

    1. Thankfully it was a quick sickness, she only got sick one day but it did take all weekend to really recover.

  8. Aw, love miss Janette. Her blog led me to you! Aw, poor Alex. That's so rough, and rough on you too! Yum, Panera is amazing. I love that Ryder can write his name! I watch him grow up on your blog, and I just picture my Piglet doing all of these things, and it gets me excited for the future, and a little less sad that he's growing up so fast. :-)

    1. That’s right! I often forget how I “meet” bloggers. And yes, you are just a couple of years behind with Piglet and it will go so fast, he will be writing his name before you know it :)

  9. Hopefully Alex is feeling better! So sad when little ones get sick cause what can you do for them? :(. Your food looks yummy! I"m just saying and I accidentally read craftastic as craptastic at first. Woops!

  10. Haven't had a Slurpee in ages, sounds yummy! Did Alex get well?