Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday 5: Beach and an Anniversary

Welcome to Friday 5! (#Friday5) Sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  Join in for a fun easy post each week.

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This week my co-host is Vandy of The Testosterone Three and Me.

I honestly don't remember when I first read Vandy's blog as it is one of the blogs that I have read for a long time.  Vandy shares her adventures with boys and little things from life.   I enjoy that she has stayed true to her voice and who she is in blogging over the years.

Here are the questions I asked Vandy.

1. Why did you start blogging? How long have you been blogging?  I was browsing around on Baby Center and they had a list of linked blogs.  I started lurking some of them and thought this didn't look all that hard.  It was a way to work around my shyness in face to face meetings and have some outside connection to the world.  I started blogging about four and half years ago, November of 2009.

2. What is your favorite bedtime snack? Ice cream.  It's the only time I can eat it without having to share with the boys.  I love them, but I'm not wild about sharing my ice cream.

3. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Right where I am.  Laramie Wyoming is a college town in southern Wyoming. We have mountains a half hour away, lakes to play in, big cities to visit for shopping, but small town life for that more relaxed lifestyle.

4. What is something you love about blogging? Hate? I love meeting people in a less over whelming way.  I'm not so great with the face to face meeting of people, so blogging gets that first time awkwardness out of the way.  The thing I hate about it is looking at that blinking cursor and coming up blank.

5. Seen any good movies lately, or read any good books?  What where they? We just watched the Lego Movie on DVD as a family and it was pretty good.  We also just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller.  I really liked the message of that movie--get out and live life, don't just watch it go by.  I am an avid reader and right now, for summer road trips I am reading The Belgariad by David Eddings--a set of five books--out loud to the guys when we are on the road. Very fun and good stories.

5 Thoughts

1.  We went to the beach this week, had to take my parents who are in town.  I always think I do a good job with sunscreen, but there always ends up being one spot or spots that get missed.  This time,  one side of my right leg.  It isn't the entire front or back, but sort of one part of the front and side, totally bizarre, but always shows to me how much sunscreen really does work!

2. Last Friday was my kids last swim lessons and Ryder finally went under the water!  I really wish she was teaching another round as I think he could actually get it now.  He was very excited that he actually went under two times.  When I was telling Eric about it, I said "Ryder even went under twice!"  To which Ryder replied, "No not twice, I went under two times."   We had a good laugh at that.

3. Eric and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner.  We ate at a super fancy restaurant called Flemmings. The food was to die for good and the service was amazing, but it definitely came with a big bill.  Thankfully gift cards helped a bit with that.

4. Another from Ryder; he and Alex like to play together a lot.  One of their games they play is that Ryder is Alex's dog.  One night as I was calling him to dinner he told me "I can't listen because I'm a dog."  When I addressed him as a dog, then he came to the table. 

5. All of my kids had play dates this with friends. Ryder went over to his friend Aubrey's house.  About a half hour before I was supposed to pick him up, his mom said they were playing so good and asked if he could stay overnight (jokingly) or at least another hour.  I am so glad he has a friend that he plays so well with that it gives the mom a break too! 

5 Pictures
Happy Father's Day to the wonderful father of my children and my best friend

Saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 this weekend- so good! 
Makes a mama's heart happy- I hope they are always great friends
13 years of marriage! 
Beach fun!
What is your Friday 5 this week?  Link up below and go and visit Vandy's blog today.


  1. Congratulations on 13 years!!

    Have you heard that sunscreen is toxic? Just learned that gem this week and discovered a recipe to make my own. At this point everything is toxic!!

  2. Happy anniversary week/month! :) Lucas has had swim lessons the past two summers, to get him used to the water. This summer, he remembers to kick. I can't believe how much he retained!

  3. Thanks for the offer to co-host. I can't get the linky code to work, but I have posted!

  4. Happy anniversary! Ours is this Saturday! Glad you had a fun week! :)

  5. Happy belated birthday you crazy kids! Love all the photos!

  6. Your beach pictures make me so excited! We are leaving for Myrtle next Friday and I can't wait
    Glad you all had a nice Anniversary dinner! Those fancy places are great till the bill comes LOL
    Sounds like you guys have had a busy week but a fun one!!!

  7. Wow 13 years, that's crazy! But like I've said before, you looked like kids when you got married :) haha! (which is a compliment!!). So great that your kids have each other to rely on. And I love that your kids did the swim lessons. It's great! I took those when I was a kiddo too.

  8. congrats on your anniversary!! We just helped friends get married this weekend- it was so fun! Those kind of moments always have me reflect back on my own wedding day :)

    Can I tell you how infatuated I am with Ryder's hair??!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wonderful pics...amazing sand castle. Stories about Ryder crack me up.