Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beauty Parlor and the Brothers

Yesterday I played beauty parlor with my girl.
She loves to pretend to do my makeup and even took a real try at braiding my hair.
rocking the braids she gave me
There was even a "foot bath"- complete with soft foam blocks of course.

Later, she played it with Ryder; he like taking turns doing her hair and makeup too, even applying her "blush" properly.

She has a new favorite app, a fashion one where she gets to pick their outfits and hairstyles, saying in her fancy voice, "Oh how lovely, this is a nice summer color."  "This will be the perfect touch to this outfit."

All of this, from the girl who's big brother usually picks out her clothes, as she can't do it as she doesn't know what matches! (read all that in a dramatic voice)

Thank goodness for brothers.