Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday 5: Vacation Recovery

It's Friday 5 (#Friday5) where you can share 5 Thoughts and 5 Pictures from the week.   I don't have a co-host this week, as let's face it I am barely getting back into the swing of things after a wonderful vacation.

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5 Things

1. Vacations are supposed to energize you and leave you inspired-- well this one did while I was on it, but I swear this has been the hardest to get back into things after a vacation ever.  It was also one of the longest vacations we have gone on since being married, so that might have something to do with it.

2. We were in Utah for the 4th of July, did you know that he firework shows do not start there until almost 10:00 because it takes so long to get dark!? I like our 9:00 shows here much better.  Instead of taking the kids to join the crowd at 10:00, Eric put on a firework show for us.  We went all the way to Montana to get some awesome fireworks....okay- so we bought them when we were in Montana on vacation but it sounds cool and crazy to say that.   He put on a great show and the kids loved it.

3. We only have 3 weeks of summer left!  My kids start August 4th- I am not ready.

4. My family's reunion was awesome- all 27 of us stayed in one big cabin and actually had a really great time.  There were a few hiccups and schedule changes of course but it truly was wonderful. (I will be blogging all about it soon of course)

5. As Eric and I were driving around Idaho/Montana and Wyoming- we started asking Siri some questions (when we actually had reception), and did you know that if you add the populations of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota together it is LESS than the population of L.A?!?  Crazy and we decided as beautiful as the areas are we are city people.

5 Pictures
Saying goodbye to my little sister at the end of the reunion
Eric and his dad- wore their matching ties to church
Waiting for it to get dark to watch the fireworks
Playing minute it to win-it games with his cousin
f'reals make the day fun
What is your Friday 5 this week?  Link up below.


  1. August 4th?! That seems so early! I go back August 14th and I'm not ready to even think much about that.

    1. Yes it is so early, we get done early but yea summer went too fast

  2. Can't wait to hear all about your vacation
    My kids start back school the 1st of August too. I'm already dreading it.

    1. August 1st- you are even sooner than us, wait so then your kids start on a Friday? That seems crazy, why don’t they wait until Monday?

  3. I love the pictures! I'm so glad you had a great time. By the way, I can't believe they start school on August 4th. That's SO early!

  4. Holy cow, 10pm. Ours start at 9:30 here. Did Eric and his dad mean to wear matching ties? And dang, those are small populations if you add all together and it's less than LA. Is your town considered in the LA Pop?