Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

What made you smile in July?  Join me the last Tuesday of every month to look back and find 10 things, whatever they may be that made you smile.  I started this meme several years ago after a really tough month when I just needed to look back and find some good.

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10 Things to Smile About in July

1.  An awesome family reunion in Yellowstone- there were 27 of us that all stayed together and we had so much fun! It had been a long time since we had all been together, it was so wonderful all being there together. (I will tell all about it soon)

2.  Our own little 4th of July firework show
3. Easy lazy summer days- several of which we didn't even get out of our pajamas

4. Making cookies!
See- they are in their pajamas 

5. Reading lots of books.. and doing puzzles..playing games and watching HGTV with my kids.  I like summer.

6. White water rafting!  Even if I do look totally weird in all the pictures- I was concentrating hard- and I totally stick my tongue out while concentrating.

7. Getting to have a sort of mini-Utah trip. We didn't have our usual big annual thing this year but it was still great to see lots of the family.
A couple of the cousins were missing this trip :(
8. This video- as not only does it show some of our Yellowstone fun, but it reminded me how much I enjoy making videos

9. Getting together with my bestie!

10. Sweet sleepy newborns

What made you smile this month?


  1. I love summer, too! Looks like you're having a lot of wonderful family time!

  2. OMG, I sooooo want to do the water thing you guys were on! Tori does too!!! That picture of Alex and Ryder, I wouldn't have known they were in their pj's making cookies if you hadn't pointed it out :) Addison and I have spent a lot of time in our pj's too, although Addison has gone through more clothes than I have (pee diaries. ha!) and 27 people living together for the reunion, it'd be like living in the dorms for college :).

  3. You had such a great month! I love the cousins photo (even if some were missing.) Your kids are so lucky to have a lot of cousins! When we were on vacation, I watched SO MUCH HGTV. I miss that most about cable (we ditched cable last fall.) It's not the same watching it on my iDevice. :)

  4. All great things to smile about! What a great summer!

  5. What a fun month! We like baking cookies in our pajamas, too :-)

  6. What a fun month you had! Love that you had so much quality time with your family. That water trampoline looks like a blast!