Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Lighthouse

I am taking a bit of a vacation from blogging this week, but thought it would be fun to share some old posts -this one was first posted October 2009- telling all about a lighthouse (and a first kiss)

The Lighthouse

Once upon a time, two young co-eds met. The beautiful princess thought the prince was cute but too too tall. Besides, he seemed to like another girl (not that that had stopped the princess in the past). The prince did like another girl (in fact he liked a couple of other girls) but that didn't stop him from thinking the princess was cute, but too too short.

The prince and his royal court came and visited the princess in her castle. The princess had a royal hair-do that intrigued the prince. The princess knew that her hair was amazing and used this for her benefit. The prince and princess drank goblets filled with Kool-aid and conversed for a spell. By the end of the evening it was determined that the prince would escort the princess to class which they both were enlisted.
The royal hair-do

The prince and princess walked to class together every day and of course the prince sat by the princesses as her beauty and charm were irresistible. It was determined that the princess and her court would attend a royal date with the prince and his court. The rode in a carriage with Knight Brad and Princess Amy, both the prince and princess closest confidants.
The royal courts
It was a wonderful and magical evening. The prince often reached down to hold the princesses hand when no one was looking. The evening grew late and it was time to return home. The princess and prince sat very closely in the back of the carriage. The prince spied something off in the distance. "Is that a light house?" he questioned. The princess sat up a bit to see what the prince could have possibly seen as they were no where near the ocean. And when the princess sat up her face was inches from the handsome prince. "That isn't a light house" she said, but was quickly silenced from a kiss by the handsome prince.

And that my friends, is why the prince and princesses, now the King and Queen, still smile whenever they see a light house.There must have been a light house.