Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 5

Friday 5 Time! (#Friday5) Come end the week by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the last week.

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5 Thoughts

1. Two weeks of school down and so far not too bad, except I am already remembering how much I hate homework.  Overall they have been doing good with it, but I just can't stand the whining that seems to occasionally accompany it, especially from Alex this year.  It might also be worse because I am typing this while they are working/whining about homework.

2. I am ready for the heat to be over; thanks to no buses (unless you live more than 3 miles from the school which is hardly anyone), the pick-up line is really long.  I don't want my gas bill to be too crazy but once sweat starts dripping down my back I usually say forget it and turn the car back on.  I am ready for cooler weather.

3. This weekend was very laid back, unfortunately Ryder got sick so we didn't do much; hopefully we will hit the beach this weekend.

4. I started selling things on a local garage sale site-it is nice making a little extra money on things, especially the brand new shoes I ordered online for Alex from a site with no return policy that ended up not fitting.

5. Looking back at the 5 made me realize I should never write Friday 5 while helping the kids with homework, I was pretty pessimistic this week... well that and hormones, since turning 30 a few years ago, my body is trying to prove that PMS is real.

5 Pictures
Poor little guy got sick over the weekend
My new new-born bean bag blanket holder my boys built for me this weekend
Baking and a little fun editing
My baking helper

What is your Friday 5 this week?


  1. I hate it when kids are under the weather. And I feel you on the blogging when doing something dreadful (like helping with homework.) It definitely can bring out the negatives!

  2. It rough when the kiddos don't feel good--even worse when it's summer.
    I'm looking forward to baking weather. It's been too hot here to add to the heat by turning on the oven.

  3. My gosh, it just seems way too early for kids to be back in school! I remember whining so much over homework as a kid... hopefully you don't get too much of it from your kiddos! ;) Have a great weekend, enjoy the beach!!

  4. Hope your little one starts feeling better soon. My kids don't start school for another two weeks but they are really looking forward to it and so am I. But they don't get homework yet, I'm sure once that starts then attitudes will change :)

  5. Hormones! Oh, honey, just wait till you're almost 50! Hope the kids are doing well in school. We have one more week before school starts. Hope your kiddo feels better soon. Have fun at the beach!

  6. Your kids are very cute. And I hear ya on the hormone thing too. I didn't really have any PMS type symptoms or problems before I hit 30, besides endometriosis and bad cramps, but my moods, not really. Fun times. :)

  7. Hope Ryder gets to feeling better! And yes ready for fall weather!

  8. I know all too well about hormones! I think your pic of Alex baking is so cute!

  9. I soooo want to know how you're going to use that thing your boys made you for newborn shots!