Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday 5

Friday 5 Time! (#Friday5)  Join me every Friday for an easy way to end the week by recapping with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Things 
1. This past weekend Lucas took his turn getting sick, fever stuffy and throw up.  Thankfully, he is old enough now he can make it to the toilet.  Never fun, he even missed a day of school already; last year he had perfect attendance.

2. Before Lucas got sick, he did on Saturday night, we enjoyed a day at the beach. The waves were bigger than I have ever seen them.

3.  I serve in my church on the Public Relations committee.  As part of my calling I also work closely with our cities service council.  Last night I attended  (and took pictures at-I take pictures at lots of city events now) a Pastors Round Table.  It was a dinner and meeting for all of the pastors of all of the churches and city leaders.  There was over 30 pastors that attended, the Mayor and several city council members.  It was so awesome to see everyone come together, despite different beliefs and different doctrines, all unite together to try and figure out how we can all work together to help serve in our city and make it stay a wonderful place that it is.

4. It rained!  In fact it totally poured for several hours.  It was wonderful, now we just need many many more days like that.

5.  I found a new store yesterday it was a Goodwill book store-- so a goodwill store but only books.  Yeah, very dangerous for me.  Let's just say the kids all got a lot of "new" books yesterday.

5 Pictures
Eating lunch in some shade at the beach-notice Lucas, he was starting to not feel good
Sunday- totally sick
Soccer season has begun- just Alex playing this time
The clouds right before the rain
Book heaven
What made your 5 this week?  Oh and make sure to come back this Tuesday for 10 Things to Smile About this month.  Your Friday 5 list can be a great jumping off point for that list!


  1. Texas has Half Prices Books stores and I miss that here. Like HEAVEN.

    Sorry your dude was sick, that stinks. But YAY for rain!!

  2. A goodwill bookstore sounds AMAZING! It would definitely be dangerous for me too. Yay, send some of that rain this way. We're starting to get cold evenings and mornings at least, and it's awesome. I am so ready for fall! Hope Lucas feels better soon!

  3. How cool is a Good Will Book store?!?!