Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Kids Are Color Blind

My kids are colorblind, as is my husband-litterally.  He is red-green colorblind.  If he saw an apple tree from far away the apples would just disappear and blend into the tree, looking just like a regular tree.  My kids are a different kind of color blind.

I grew up in a small town that was very dominantly one race, and then went to college in a state that was even more so.  I think I didn't really think anything of it, it was just how it was.

We have now lived in Southern California for almost six years.

My kids are on their third week of school.  Alex came home telling me all about her friend Kennedy and how she wanted to have Kennedy come over.  Everyday I would hear about what they played at recess.  I wrote down our number so Alex could take it to her friend.  This week we got a call from Kennedy she wanted to talk with Alex and even talked with me for a bit, she is not a shy girl at all.  I  talked with her mom and we talked about dates for possible playdates.  When I asked Alex what Kennedy was like, she told me how fun she was, the things they had in common, the things they like to play and that was it.  Kennedy is black and Alex never once brought this up.  The only reason I know is because I help out in Alex's classroom and was able to figure out who she was.

Lucas' best friend is Hispanic; he has come over many times now and Lucas has gone to his home for many hours of Minecraft playing.

And I love it.

I love that my kids are growing up in a place where there is so much diversity that it doesn't seem diverse.  It is normal to them.  All they care about is if they have common interests and like to play the same sort of games.

In the scriptures it says we are to become like little children- this is what is is talking about.  Their innocence, their ability to so easily forgive, their ability to see past all of the false pretenses and prejudices of the world and just see someone for who they are.

My kids are colorblind and I couldn't be more proud.

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  1. My son attends a daycare in which the kids (and his daycare provider) are mostly of different race. I think I prefer it that way because he knows no difference. And when he sees other children - in and out of daycare, he refers to them as his friends. :)

  2. my daughter went to a daycare and there was mixed races so to see someone of a different race, she didnt really notice but i know in our community, we have like 500 people...and in the school, 67 kids and 1 is daughter doesnt say anything but I bet a lot of kids ask questions because its not common in our area!

  3. Kids truly have to learn that skin color matters to some people--they don't care about skin color, just about whether they have a friend or not.

  4. Growing up around diversity definitely helps. We live in a diverse community(yes, in the South- ha! But it's a military town, so that makes a huge difference). My kids are the same as yours- they don't mention race. The only time one of mine did was when he trying to tell me which of the Alex's he was talking about in his class(they were both the same height, hair color, eye color... but then he said the one with the brown skin, not the pink). So, I guess they're aware, but it's not on the forefront of their minds.

  5. When I grew up we had a few black kids in our school but not many and even fewer Hispanics. Now our community is taken over by the Hispanics and I'm fairly certain the white kids are the minority. It is good to see past those skin differences!

  6. I love this! It is so important that our children do not judge others by skin color, that they are simply friends :)

  7. That is awesome I grew up in a town with zero diversity, we now live in a township that has a very diverse population. I love that kids don't see the differences, just the sameness.

  8. Mostly, because you are teaching them to be that way. And that is so wonderful. I loved reading this, especially to go along with what I wrote. :)

  9. That's so awesome! You are such a great example!

  10. Isn't is great to see this! I want to share a blog post I wrote about this same thing. When my son was 10, he pasted my and my husband's faces on sports cards for our birthday. The funniest and most wonderful thing was that the athletes on whose bodies he pasted our faces were black. I have those sports cards on my 'fridge. Read here, if you'd like:
    You can also find your own 'color' on the Valspar color chart! :-)