Monday, September 15, 2014

Hope After Suicide

Last month I received a copy of Hope After Suicide by Wendy Parmley; just a day after I finished the book, the news was flooded with the news of Robin William's suicide.   It was sadly ironic but also made me wish I could reach out to William's family and let them know of this book.

In Hope After Suicide, Wendy Parmley tells her true story of how she coped with her mother's suicide when she was just 12-years-old.  Now as an adult, Wendy is finally opening up the old wounds and pain to process and deal with her mother's death in a way she has never done. As she reopens the memories of her past, the pain and feelings are all brought back, but she is learning it is the only way for her to truly heal.

The book jumps between Wendy's current progress and feelings and the past as she recalls the memories. As Wendy reveals more of her life, you can feel the pain and sorrow right along with her.

She did a great job describing her pain, the feelings, the responsibilities she had to take on after her mother's death as the oldest of five children. She is very honest and open about what occurred in her life. Ultimately she turns to her faith and Savior to help her deal with and even get glimpses of understanding for something so unimaginable. 

This book definitely takes you on a wave of emotions, I found myself with tears running down my face at times as Wendy described the events of her life. 

Wendy felt it was time to tell her story, in hopes that it might help someone else be able to find hope and understanding after tragic life events.

Wendy hopes that by telling her story that those reading it can also discover how to:
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Open your heart
  • Seek help when you need it
  • Draw closer to the divine
I highly recommend this book, whether you know someone that has committed suicide or not.  

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Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. My husband committed suicide and I'm always looking for people who write about it.I also hope to write a book about it one day. Thanks again...

    1. I hope you do get this book, I really do believe it could bring you some peace. And I knew you lost your husband but did not realize this was how it happened, I am so sorry.