Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Bearer of Bad News

No one likes being the bearer of bad news; but as a mother.. well you kind of get used to it.

"It's time to get ready for school."... followed by wails or choruses of NNNOOOO!

"Yes, you do need to eat your vegetables."---"But they're poisonous!"

"It's time to clean up and get ready for bed."  --- "Why!?! Can't we play just a little longer?  It's not fair!"

"No you cannot wear shorts, it's only 60 outside!" (We live in Southern California that's freezing here!)

As a mother you start to become a bit immune to the wails and cries of indignation and injustice.

But for once wouldn't it be nice to be able to just say all good news?

I think this might be why I started my Yes Day.

For one day a year, I am the hero, the mouthpiece of the word Yes!

But, until then I will just sigh, roll my eyes and join in whaling with them.... it really throws off their game when you do that.
My kids and I- I really do love them


  1. I know! I really do feel that way sometimes....the bearer of bad news! Love this picture of you and your sweet kids!

  2. LOL! I remember as a kid, on Thursday nights my Mom went to Bingo and Dad watched us. That was back when Full House was on at 7:30pm which meant bedtime right after - BUT Rescue 911 was on TV at the time too and we always cried to stay up and watch it with him. He always caved haha!

  3. Oh man, my kids hate when Todd and I join funny!

  4. Haha so true! It seems we are always having to share the bad news!

  5. The love you have for your children shines through in every thing you do. I hope you know that!

  6. Haha, yes it so does! Piglet has started toddler whining, and it drives me crazy, so I do it back. It either shuts him up or produces lots of giggling, so win win!

    1. Yep, if you can’t beat them, join them! :)

  7. I giggled at your wailing with them :)