Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Changing of Seasons

When you live in SoCal the seasons really don't change that much.  You have the hot summers, the hot fall, and then the warm winter.  But let me tell you when you have a hot summer, that warm winter feels darn right cold.

The fall really is the worst, one day in the 90's, the next day only in the 60's.  It is enough to make manic and really unsure how to dress.

We have had several days of "cooler" weather now, so I have broken out pants for my kids.  Lucas' size 12 pants, still need to be cinched in majorly at the waist but are starting to head towards being too short.

Alex is not far behind at a size 10, but thankfully has lots of pants that fit right now; something about being a girl and mom always buying her clothes.

Then there's Ryder, my one child who isn't insanely tall and off the charts in height.  As I went to find some pants for him, all hand me downs from his brother, I found most had holes in the knee.  Why did I even save those?

I finally found a pair that didn't have a hole but were starting to get too short, though the waist seemed stretched out and too big.  It made me wonder if we got the pants from someone else, as I don't think Lucas with his skinny waist ever stretched out a pair of pants.  I said good enough and sent him off to pre-school.

After school we stopped by the store for a few quick things.  Ryder voted to walk and was helping me push the cart.  We pulled up to the ice-cream; I was lost in the bounty of flavors and might have even squealed a little when I saw the limited-time egg-nog flavored ice cream.

"My pants are slipping!" Ryder said from behind me.

I turned to see him standing there, his pants down to his knees.  I quickly yanked them up, looking around grateful we were the only ones in the row at the moment.  When we walked a bit further and they began slipping again, we opted for him to ride in the cart to avoid any more exposure.

It reminded me of this moment from a few years ago

Oh the changing of seasons and with it the changing of the wardrobes.

I think we need to go shopping.

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