Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday 5: Books, Cuddles and Destruction

So last week I totally missed Friday 5. (#Friday5) I think I was excited to share my Halloween pictures on Halloween and until my blogging friend AllstarMe left a comment asking me about it, I totally forgot it!  But not this week.  So join me for Friday 5! Just share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. I accidentally bumped into Ryder the other day, and said "oh sorry, I bumped your shoulder." To which he replied, "that's not a shoulder, that's an arm connector."   That kid! 

2. My family is getting family picture tomorrow.  My good friend and an amazing photographer is taking them for us. I am totally excited but still not 100% sure what we are wearing.  You would think with all of the photo shoots that I do that I would just know, but nope.    

3. My SIL Rachel had her baby! (See her blog here) The poor things has been on bed rest since 25 weeks.  He came early at 34 weeks but seems to be doing great all things considered. I so wish there was someway I could go up there and take newborn pictures for her when he is released from the NICU. 

4. Eric and I have started our Christmas shopping.  It all happened one night when I was telling him some of the things the kids were saying they wanted for Christmas, he hopped on Amazon and ordered the things right then; here's hoping they don't change their minds.  

5. This last weekend we double dated, well a double date and also my niece and my BIL's brother... so the six of us went to Destruction Night at the race track.  Everything from Auto soccer, to skid racing (take the back tires off the car and race) to a trailer racing.  It was an awesome and crazy night.  Took 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot when it was all over, but totally fun night. 

5 Pictures
Awesome clouds after the storm
Group date night- In the back: Eric, Me, my niece Aleah: Front Row- My BIL's brother, My BIL Aaron, and my big sister
My kids all cuddling up on our "cold" fall night-- read about the tootsie roll queen blanket/towel here
Bacon Egg Pie for dinner- Yum!!
Reading stories to Ryder before bed
What is your Friday 5 this week?


  1. Hey, I got a shout out; cool! I love those clouds; great picture. The car thing sounds neat; kind of like an evolved demolition derby. I used to go to those things all the time.

  2. That breakfast pie looks pretty yummy. Share the recipe. That's something I think I could get my guys to enjoy--two thirds of them anyway.

  3. I love those canvases on the wall behind the sofa! I don't think I'd ever seen them in your pictures before! Judging by what I've seen on Instagram, your family photos turned out great! :)