Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A LDS Baptism

Saturday was a truly special, once in a life time day.  Alex chose to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

She looked stunning in her white dress my mother-in-law made.
Alex with my in-laws
But what shinned even more than her dress was her face that day.
Alex with my parents
She just truly radiated pure joy the entire morning.

We had so much family come and support Alex.
My sister and her family and Alex
Silly kids with silly cousins
Alex and her grandparents 


My side of the family
As we sat and listened to the talks before her baptism, I kept looking over at Alex's face, she just sat there intently listening with this look of pure peace and joy on her face.  I am so proud of her and the choices she is making.  As her mother, I hope and pray that she will always have a desire to be close to our Savior Jesus Christ and always know He is the pure source of peace and hope.
My only regrets that day is not getting pictures with more of the family that came and also pictures of the big spread of food we fed all the family at our house afterwards, what kind of photographer am I?


  1. She truly does seem to be radiating joy in every picture. You must be very proud of your girl! :)

  2. A great one! (That's in answer to your last question, by the way...)

    Congrats to Alex! She does look beautiful!

  3. Congrats to your big girl! She's looks so happy! Love the cousin pic too, LOL!

  4. So beautiful!!! I was looking forward to this post, she really does just radiate joy. <3

  5. What a special day. She looked beautiful and so happy!

  6. I love that she chose to be baptized! What an amazing day! At least you got pictures of the good parts that need to be remembered!

  7. blessings to Alex! What a special special moments for her growth in her faith and the church!!

  8. You're a proud mommy photographer :) Living in the moment :). Okay so do they always wear white when getting baptized? And... was she alone in this or did a group of kids get baptized at once? And... one more then I'll quit, sorry... do you do this during church or not?

    1. Yes, they wear white when getting baptized- as did Eric when he baptized her, it is symbolic of being washed clean and pure.
      She was alone but often would not be. The first Saturday of every month they have a day set aside for any children that have turned 8 from our area that want to get baptized. She ended up being the only one this month, due to someone having a baby, etc. So it was fun as it was like her own day.
      This is not during church, it is on a Saturday at the church building and you can invite any friends, family that you would like to be there. There are a couple of talks about baptism and it’s importance, usually a musical number and then the baptism happens.