Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in Pictures

Usually I take two posts to tell about Christmas Eve and Christmas as we have a lot of Christmas Eve traditions, but since it is the last day of 2014 (seriously how did that happen?) I am sharing it all today, so get ready for picture overload.

Christmas Eve

 We began with our ginger bread houses.  I always buy the Halloween gingerbread houses after Halloween for 70% off, then we just throw out the candy it came with and buy our own.... which I may have bought way too much of!
The finished products- we are all standing behind our houses
Eric's house on top then my house on bottom
Lucas house on top, Alex's house on bottom
Ryder's house
In the evening the kids get to open their new Christmas pajamas, and yes they might be in their pajamas opening pajamas, they didn't get dressed apparently.

After showers and baths, we took our traditional Christmas Eve pictures

Including this one...which has somehow become a tradition every year

We ended the evening with Eric reading the scripture account of the Savior being born while the kids acted it out.  Then it was time for hot chocolate, getting cookies ready for Santa and off to bed. (Which meant wrapping time for Eric and I)

Christmas Day

At 6:00 AM on the dot, I heard Lucas wander into Alex's room to wake her up.  They quickly made their way to our room where they talked loudly hoping to wake Ryder up. We eventually gave in and let them go wake him up.

Eric and I went downstairs and got everything ready then let the kids come down.

It was wonderfully fun excitement all morning long!
We made out like bandits (thanks in part to generous grandparents)
And here is a little video to let you know what it really feels like on our Christmas morning (especially with a daughter who lives life very largely and loudly)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

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  1. Awww, that looks like the perfect Christmas morning! Love the video!

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Cheers to the New Year!

  3. What fun- bikes for all! A great Christmas present :) Each year I especially enjoy seeing the gingerbread houses. I like knowing others have that traditions too, we do ours during our celebration of the Epiphany.

    Happy New Year!!!

  4. I love your happy Christmas photos. Happy New Year!

  5. So fun! I love loved the video!!

  6. You all got bikes! That's so cool! When we move back to the US, we need to do that, too. In fact, I may be going without a car for a good while, so a bike will be my only transportation!!

  7. Yey! Looks like a Great Christmas!

  8. I love all the pictures! I still have to get my Christmas post up (oops!). I'm glad you had a great Christmas!