Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five: Football, Sunsets and Ear Infections

Happy Friday everyone, and the last Friday in January!  How does time go so fast?  Join me today and every Friday for Friday 5!  Share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week. (#Friday5)

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5 Thoughts

1. Eric and I have started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, totally loving the show.  I love football, huge BYU Cougar fan, but you know as I am watching the show as much as I still love football, it really makes me not want to let my kids play football, it is a crazy sport.

2. We had the best sunset ever yesterday.  It started off pretty calm with just a little color and then it was like the color just bled upward into the sky, soon consuming the entire sky.  It went from yellows, to oranges and pinks and blues.  It even began raining lightly and there was a rainbow.  It was seriously one of the best sunsets I have ever seen.

3. Alex and Ryder both missed school on Tuesday.  Late Monday night, technically Tuesday morning, Alex woke up crying and in pain and said her ear hurt.  We gave her some pain medicine and eventually she made it back to sleep.  Throughout the day she complained that it was ringing and at times felt numb.  This is my tough girl, who as dramatic as she is, rarely complains about pain so I began to wonder if her ear drum had ruptured and all other sorts of crazy scenarios.  Turns out she does have an ear infection, just a tiny minor one.  I guess sometimes she is just dramatic.

4. I filled in a gap!  As I have been writing my story, I have jumped around a bit (I've already written the ending), and am now filling the holes, I have three major gaps, but as of yesterday only two.  It feels good.

5. I have two newborn photo shoots coming up in February, including my first set of twins!  Totally excited.

5 Pictures
Cutting out letters on my Silhouette for 9 hours made me a bit loopy.
Isn't this how you watch TV?
Basketball Practice- she totally fell on her butt right after this, but her shot went in
One of the stages of the amazing sunset- no filter, straight out of camera
Another sunset shot- same sunset still no filter 

What is your Friday Five?


  1. Great shots! I don't know how you spent nine hours using the Silhouette. I'd be loopy, too! LOL Here's my Friday 5.

  2. I hate when kids are not feeling great. My boy isn't super dramatic when he's sick, but when an ear infection hits him, it's BAD.

  3. Oh I am sorry to hear your kiddos weren't feeling so well. It is always tough when they are hurting. I am however super excited that you were able to close up a gap in your book!! Those sunsets are GORGEOUS.

  4. That is a pretty sunset! Wow! From our flat, we can see the sunrise, but not the sunset, so unless I happen to be out I never see those anymore!!

    I hope Alex feels better! Lexie came home with a sore throat today, so I'm hoping just a little rest over the weekend will be enough to get her back to normal!

  5. gorgeous gorgeous sunsets!!!! Also? I share your exact sentiments about my kids playing football ;) There's not much family history of it, so I might be in the clear. Although now that I think if it downhill skiing and lacrosse are kinda risky aren't they?!

  6. So I can't wait to see the photos of the twins!!! Also, I pulled out my old cricut expression and cut some letters out for some super bowl decorations. It was so loud, Lance came out to see what the racket was!! LOL!!

  7. That photo of the basketball shot is great!
    Ethan had his first ear infection when he turned 1. He had a cold and I was starting to suspect something else was wrong and sure enough his well visit ended up a sick visit.

  8. Great sunset and love that the shot shot when in even with the fall afterwards :)

    1. Thank you! We ended up with almost a week of beautiful sunsets in a row, but nothing like that first night

  9. Wow the sky looks like it is on fire! And I'll tell you... I've had ear infections... they hurt bad! :) Poor kid. Although I'm late in reading this so obviously she's better! :)