Thursday, January 29, 2015

How Do Your Kids Behave?

This is a sponsored post from teach2talk, all feeling and opinions are my own and truthful.

Do your kids behave perfectly?  Do they always make the right decision?  If you answered yes, well I probably won't believe you. If you are like me, there have probably been times where you have wondered what in the world they were thinking and wish you could freeze time and help them realize the consequences of their actions right then and there.

I will often say to my kids, 'Just stop and think.  Is your action going to help someone, is your action going to make someone happy?  Is you action kind?  If not- don't do it."

Sometimes life is great and sometimes I wonder if they even listened.  If only they could see it, see kids acting and making choices and see how differently things could turn out.

This is what the teach2talk™ Behavior With Friends App does.

The Behavior with Friends App was created by Sarah Clifford Scheflen, M.S., CCC-SLP, a practicing speech-language pathologist who specializes in providing a range of therapies to children, including children with developmental disorders. She states: “Behavior issues are a common complaint from parents. Parents need strategies to help teach their children how to behave. Behavior with Friends not only teaches children how to behave appropriately, but also provides tips to parents on how to implement their own behavior modifications.”

When I first got the App, I gave it to Ryder to try out. There is an easy setting, which Ryder started at, and a normal setting.

The lessons and scenarios it teachers in easy and normal are the same, the normal setting takes the lessons to a deeper level, encouraging the child to really think and reason.

In the Easy setting, the first scenario shows some boys playing, one of the boys wants a toy that the other boys are using; it then freezes and asks if you want to watch him make a good choice. It shows how happy the boys are all together when he makes the right choice.
In the Normal setting, it take the same scenario but first shows him making the wrong choice and asks questions, like why was it a wrong choice, what are some of the reasons it was a wrong choice, and even how does this make the other boys feel. The child has two or three options for each question.

It really gets the kid thinking about how different choices would make others feel. It then shows the child making a better choice and the good consequences.

As your child completes stories they earn stickers they can place on scenes within the App.
Even though it has been mostly Ryder who has played this App, whenever he does my older two kids also often end up watching.

The App has scenarios and lessons on:
  • strategies to resolve conflicts with peers without resorting to tantrums, name calling or physical violence;
  • self-management and dealing with anger and frustration in a positive fashion;
  • sharing and taking turns with friends;
  • being a good sport;
  • telling the truth;
  • bullying;
  • not interrupting;
  • being nice to friends and not taunting, and encouraging friends who are less competent instead of teasing; and
  • appropriate body boundaries.
I really like this unique App as not only does it talk about good behavior but it shows it.  The App also has video instruction for parents to help you reinforce and teach these lessons.  Overall we have had a great experience using the Behavior With Friends App.

Teach2Talk's™ Behavior With Friends is available for download at the App Store.


  1. This sounds great. If they are going to be on the iPad, maybe they can get something constructive out of it. What age range is this good for; does it go up to teenagers?

    1. Unfortunately it really isn’t meant for teenagers. It recommends more like ages 6-8. My four year old uses it on the easy mode, and can do the normal mode with a little help at times (not using the app itself but knowing how to answer the questions). I think it could easily go as high as 11-year-olds; I think teenagers would find it pretty cheesy, but if a teenager was overlooking a younger sibling playing it, it might make them think about a thing or two.

  2. This does sound very unique! I love hearing how technology aids in learning!

    1. Yes, we all need breaks and just to play fun games, but if they are using their screen time doing something like this, even better!

  3. This definitely sounds like something i need to get for Rae!

    1. I really do like how it really gets them to really think, especially about how their actions will make others fell

  4. Oh, this is such a neat app! :) And such a great way to help kids learn empathy and understanding better.

  5. That looks sooo neat. I will have to check it out for sure! Thank you!

  6. Oh wow this is such a cool app! Definitely will download this for my son and see what he does! Thanks!

  7. Sounds like a great teaching app.

  8. This app sounds like an app that Alea would really, really love! I'll definitely be downloading it!