Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

Ever had a really bad month where nothing seems to go right?  I believe that even in the worst months there is always something to smile about; whether it be something as simple as a sunset or a funny thing someone said.  Those good months, well it's always good to stop and count your blessings; so come join me the last Tuesday of every month for Ten Things to Smile About This Month. (#10Things2Smile)
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Ten Things to Smile About in January

1.  A new year a new chance to get back on track with those little things

2. Forts in the playroom

3. Downton Abby is back on!  Plus we have started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, loving it so far.

4.  Passes to Knotts and fun days with lots of rides and many more to come this year.

5. Spending a day with my bestie!

6. Watching Alex play basketball, she might not be the best on the court but she does not lack for enthusiasm and loves playing with a team
Her shot ALMOST went in-- and no her team did not get the rebound
7. This shot and how much the kids have loved their bikes

8. Being able to photograph cute babies!

9. Getting all dressed up for a night out (we went to a wedding reception)

10. Rain!

What made you smile this month?  Join in the fun and share using #10Things2Smile


  1. I love your shoes in your dressed up shot!!I can't remember the last time I put on a dress - that's just sad!

    Looks like you guys have definitely got the year off to a good start!

  2. You look sooooo nice :). Rain is good! We could use some around here! We're so dry our field burnt up a few weekends ago in less than 3 minutes. It was an accident.

  3. YES! I can't wait for Alea to ride her new bike she got for Christmas all summer long! We just need this darn snow to melt!

  4. I can't believe that January is almost over! Looks like you had some great moments.

  5. Love this!! Such cute photos. I may need to make a post like this!

    1. You should! The link will be open for two weeks so plenty of time to link up

  6. Pretty dress! You look gorgeous! Also, loved the bicycle shot - looked like a greeting card!

  7. Wonderful photos! Made me smile too.

  8. Oh right, it's almost February! how in the world did that happen?! I agree with Emily- especially liked that bike photo with Alex's great grin.

  9. Those are all great things to smile about!

  10. Love this idea! I need to focus on this more. Love your date night look!

  11. Looks like you had some great things to smile about this month :)

  12. Oh my gosh, those shoes are KILLER! I love em!
    And what a fun list! I bet you smiled all over again just rethinking all these things :)

  13. LOVE those shoes! And I'm a little jealous of your Knotts passes! I loved that place as a kid!

  14. I love getting dressed up and the chance to go out. I hope you guys had a great time! You've had a great January. Oh my gosh that photo shoot, so cute. I love the forts in the playroom too.

  15. You look gorgeous in that dress! Looks like you had an amazing month. :)

  16. ohhh such a great idea to reflect back and remember happy moments!! It definitely causes you to reflect on the positive and push the negative stuff out of the way! Love your pics!

  17. Love that bike shot! I can't believe January is already over!

  18. Look at you hottie in that dress! You had a great January!

  19. Emmy, you are so pretty!! Loving the dressed up look! Also, the baby pic and the bike shot are so great!