Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm Not a Good Sports Mom

I didn't play that many competitive sports growing up.  I did do a few years of t-ball, was actually pretty good, even made the All-star team one year.  But then the idea (and fear) of having to switch to fast-pitch ended my baseball career.   I even took a shot at ballet, it was a ballet/tap/gymnastics combo style class.  My inability to do back-wards summersaults ended that for me.   I even tried out for the volleyball team in junior high, but apparently setting is a necessary skill in volleyball.

I might have tried out for more things, but my heart doctor wasn't the biggest fan of that idea as he was afraid coaches would push me too hard.

So I grew up playing in an occasional church volleyball game, sports in gym class, etc.... but nothing too hard core.

Alex is our athlete.  She recently finished soccer, where she was an awesome goalie and then went right into basketball.  I love watching her play, watching her out on the field and court....

I feel I should interject now by saying, I consider myself a pretty laid back, calm person.  Now I might not have always been this way, just ask anyone who knew me as a teenager, but when I watch sports, especially when I watch my kids playing sports, something lights inside of me.

That calm, laid back happy persona slowly gets eaten up in one bad call after another.

I begin with lots of good cheering, lots of great support... until the ref makes a stupid call.

What is it about refs?  Why do they always have to make dumb calls?  If they would just call things perfectly, then my crazy-sport-mom side wouldn't have to come out.

Totally blaming this one on the refs.

I have never gone down on the floor or out on the field, I have never cursed at a ref, never really caused a scene (at least I think not), but my mouth and my volume leave no doubt that I don't agree with that call, don't agree with the play.

I get all wound up, my whole body nearly shaking with crazy emotions and I don't let it go, for many many days hours after the game.

So I am a bad sports mom.... or maybe, just maybe I am a good one, as someone needs to yell at those refs.  Right?
Any other bad sports-moms out there?  How do you handle your kids games? 


  1. Haha! I actually stay pretty calm. Most of the time!
    That's great that Alex is so athletic. Lexie is not like that at all! I keep pushing her to play softball...no luck!

    1. Yeah, Lucas is my non-athletic one. He has played soccer a few times and actually starts to enjoy it about halfway through the season, but it is definitely not his thing.

  2. I can relate...sadly...ask Eric the stories about me yelling at refs at his games...very embarrassing now when I think about it! LOL

  3. My kids haven't played enough for me to really notice, but I'm not that competitive so I doubt I'd be too uptight. Not sure. It's hard not to be though, when you really think about it, when it involves your kids!

    1. Yes, I can’t imagine you getting all crazy and yelling :)

  4. We haven't hit any sports here yet and I wonder how I will react!

    1. Yes, it is so easy to get all caught up in it, especially when it is your own kids playing

  5. I usually read, if I'm being honest. I'm not a sport person. Right now my daughter just does gymnastics, but she's not on a team or anything. However, she says she wants to try softball, so maybe I'll actually watch that.

  6. hehe... all I could do is grin at this :)

  7. Thank you for giving me comfort in being the mom that is setting the ref straight from the sidelines!!!! Thanks for sharing at the #bestoftheblogosphere!