Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beach Photography

I have to admit, beach photography is not my favorite.  The harsh lighting, the blown out sky, the risk of getting sand on your lens... This last Saturday I did agree to a beach photo shoot.  It was for a family from the midwest who was in California for a Disney Trip.  They found me through the Disneyland Prep School, and wanted a beach shoot to help capture their vacation.

My family was thinking of coming with me, but then Alex wasn't feeling 100%, they were watching a movie and it was time for me to go.  So I took off to the beach on my own, really regretting the time away from my family.

They sent me some sweet texts when I was almost there, which helped get me into the right mentality for the shoot.  The shoot went great and we were finishing our last few shots when I saw someone pop up then disappear in the back of my shot.

They must have realized I was doing a shoot and were trying to not photobomb my shot, which I definitely appreciated.  Then I paused and thought, that sure looked a lot like Eric.

A minute later when I finished those last few shots, they popped out again and it was my family!  They made the drive and surprised me at the end of my shoot!

I rarely take my real camera to the beach when I am going with my family, as what would I do with it when I was in the water, so I took full advantage.
None of us were really dressed for the beach, but when you are there it is impossible to totally resist the water.
Though Ryder was pretty good at standing as far back as possible 
Alex, in typical fashion, did things full blown and ended up very sandy
Oh and a note for the wise; if you are tempted to do the "mermaid shot" like this girl here, 
The waves are very very strong.  
She was knocked off shortly after this wave and ended up all cut and bruised. It was crazy!
It really was a beautiful evening
Have you ever had pictures at the beach?  


  1. I take a lot of family photos with my phone at the beach. When we are vacationing, I'll take my Nikon at least once. (I also take a heavy duty bag and make sure it's packed away when I'm not using it - and it's never, ever left alone.)

  2. Laughing at the girl who tried to pose little mermaid style lol. Poor thing. I love photography posts though :) awesome pictures of your cute family!

  3. What fun pictures!

    What beach is that? It looks familiar, but I can't place it.

    1. It is Aliso beach, part of the Laguna Beach

  4. I love taking pictures at the beach, they always turn out so amazing! I love your pictures!!

  5. I think they turned out gorgeous!

  6. Precious memories. I did some beach shots when we went back home to CA for my Grand's memorial service. They came out really good for the most part and now are some memories that will warm my heart and help to dry my tears.

  7. You took some beautiful shots!

  8. Those photos look amazing!! Love them.

  9. WOW! These are amazing!!! I need to take my camera to the beach more.

  10. what a wonderful surprise! amazing photos too!

  11. Beautiful pics! My kids have never been to a beach! All of our vacations and never a beach... ugh I'm officially a boring parent lol

  12. Love your pictures! My favorite is probably Alex looking at her feet/sand with the sun in the background. We got beach pictures right before we moved from Galveston, almost 2 years ago. They are still hanging up (a really long time for me to go without replacing them) because I love them so much and they are sentimental too I suppose.

  13. that is a seriously gorgeous beach! <3

  14. Absolutely gorgeous beach! That's so sweet that they surprised you. Love the pictures!
    I have attempted beach pictures, but it was so gray and windy, so the color is way off! I still love them, because, hello, the beach! I sure wish we lived much closer to one!

  15. That beach looks gorgeous! I love the shots of your family -- how sweet of them to surprise you :D I haven't brought my Canon to the beach but I have brought my point and shoots. I am weary about bringing my nice camera ha ha!

  16. Ah it looks like you guys had so much fun! I love taking pictures at the beach but I am landlocked so I definitely jump at the chance when I ahve it.

    1. Oh yes, if we didn’t live close to it and I we were going I would bring my real camera for sure