Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five: Lucky, Conferences and Birthdays

Friday Five- #Friday5, time to share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  Great way to share those things that don't need an entire post of their own.

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5 Thoughts

1. I feel like I have been the worst blogger lately, so behind on everything blog related.  One of these days I might get caught up, right?

2. Alex will probably have her last basketball game this Saturday.  It is the tournament game, they are playing the first place team who not only hasn't lost a game but kills every team.  We shouldn't be playing them based on what we are ranked, but that is a whole other story.  Let's just say I won't be too sad when basketball is over.

3. This last Saturday I got to attend an amazing conference, #BonConCA.  It was a small conference hosted by Bonneville Communications for LDS bloggers and social influencers.  It was a truly uplifting day and so awesome to see all that they are doing and plan to do to help spread good and light in the world.  To help spread hope and peace that can be felt through a belief in the Savior Jesus Christ.

4. This week Alex was accused of doing something she did not do.  She was not fully innocent in the whole scenario, but she was innocent of the accusation.  Eric and I talked with her for quite a while about the necessity to fix mistakes, how that can be done and especially the fact that no matter what happens and what she does in life we will always love her and be there for her.  When she came home from school the next day with a "lucky note"- I couldn't have been more happy. (see the note below)

5. Last and most important, since I don't ever blog on Saturday, I have to wish a very happy birthday to my best friend, my confidant, the person who can always make me smile and laugh and feel safe and secure- my husband.   This June will be our 14th wedding anniversary.  There isn't anyone else I would want to be married to.

5 Pictures
Alex with her teacher after the awards assembly- and notice the photo-bomber -he even declared himself one
Me with Jenna Kim Jones- the narrator of Meet the Mormons (awesome documentary by the way) 
The Lucky note- and yes we will help you when you do something 'roun' (wrong)
One of the things that kept me busy this week- client is coming over today to see the pictures 
After school snack

What is your five this week?


  1. Ohhh.. such a tough lesson for little ones! Lucky her, she has two great parents :)

  2. Elliot had a rough week too; he was in trouble for "not staying on task' and also, breaking his school headphones. But then he came home with a toy because he got three citizenship tickets. So weird!

  3. I love her lucky note and how you all handled it. And you have one of the cutest photo bombers!

  4. That conference sounds awesome. I wish I could have gone!

  5. I just love those baby photos. Basketball is over and onto soccer!! You are one busy mom, and the fruit looks amazing, I bought strawberries today. Yum!

  6. Those twin shots are adorbs! So do you blog for the church as well? or just do the social media stuff?

    1. Thank you so much! No, just social media stuff for the church, though I do run a few websites for my church calling. Our area does a Living Nativity at Christmas and we have a sight that tells info about that that I run.