Thursday, March 5, 2015

Photo a Day-February

I am happy to say I completed another successful month of taking a picture everyday.  There was technically one day where I forgot to post it, but I took the picture on the required day, so I counted it.

Here are my pictures.

My top three liked photo of the day pictures were:
#1 With 52 likes- Our Fancy Family Valentine Dinner
#2 with 48 likes --Donuts to Celebrate serving back to school shots
#3 With 46 likes- a beautiful full rainbow and sky one evening- I didn't save this collage, so had to share it straight from Instagram  

What do you like to take pictures of?  What helps inspire you to keep shooting?

And thanks to my fellow #BST365 peeps for keeping me going.  You can see their posts too


  1. You're doing awesome and even if you miss posting, it's no biggie, you took the pic, post it the next day. I usually don't get mine posted until almost 10pm every night because I have to debate on which one to use or better yet, woops I didn't take one, what can I quickly take a picture of... oh yeah, me drinking a bottle of water. Yup, happened a couple weeks ago in fact.

    1. I totally have done some, oh shoot the day is almost over what can I take a picture of. It happens. It is so awesome with how long you have been going for with your picture a day.