Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Five: Human bowling, caterpillars and the Apple Watch

TGIF!  Join me for Friday 5 (#Friday5), simply share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  Easy right?  Oh and speaking of TGIF, anyone else excited about Full House sequel that is coming to Netflix?

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5 Thoughts

1. I am stuck at home today waiting for the repair guy.  Our microwave stopped working and it is one of those nice built in ones, so we are getting it fixed.  So sometime between 9-11 the repair man should be showing up (pretty nice it is only a two-hour window).  Didn't realize how often I used the microwave until it no longer worked. 

2. Even after the repairman comes I will probably still stay around the house anyway as I will be waiting for the delivery truck.. waiting for a certain very fun product today (cough Apple Watch).  Yes, I am totally stoked and yes my husband totally spoils me.  

3. This last week at my kid's school there was a different activity or thing they were supposed to do each day in celebration of Earth day... yeah I dropped the ball on pretty much all of it.  They didn't seem to care though.

4. I got the best surprise mail this last week.  My husband brought in the mail and there was a package from Amanda of Kaleidoscope of Colors, I wondered what in the world it could be.  I opened it up and it was a BYU bag she had made for me!  She knows I am a BYU alum and big BYU football fan and she has never seen BYU fabric in the store but saw it when she was visiting family, so bought it and made me a bag!  I love it!! 

5. We fed the missionaries from our church this last Sunday.  The kids love when we feed them, but they have to ensure that they get their spots at the table.  They make little signs, and well Lucas- well you will just have to see it below.  

5 Pictures
Getting ready to deliver bags for a city Food drive
Lucas sign
My awesome new bag!! Totally cropped my face on purpose as it was a no makeup, bags under the eyes kind of day
Human bowling- because why not? 
Our next round of caterpillars!  There are four in there this time.

What is your Five?  Linky open through Tuesday--- and speaking of Tuesday, join me on Tuesday for 10 Things to Smile About this Month!!


  1. Love the human bowling idea! My boys would love that. Also, how fun to receive the BYU bag. I love getting treats in the mail.

  2. I just read about the Full House sequel today! I hope all the original cast make an appearance at some point! I grew up watching that show, along with all the others from the TGIF round up over the years. Love them all!

  3. I'm a little excited to see what that Full house spin-off will be like but it could also be terrible!

    1. I know, I really hope it isn't terrible... I guess time will tell :)

  4. No joke...our microwave stopped working this week. I just saw your mention of yours. It's SUCH a convenience, and I've been struggling since Tuesday night when we discovered it not working! (We're just replacing it, though. No repairing this.) And that BYU bag is so cool! I found my husband's alma mater in fabric, and made him PJ pants a few years ago.

  5. Love the bag! And that sign is too funny!

  6. I must have missed out on what's up with the caterpillars and you'll have to let us know about the apple watch. I'm really on the fence about it... I don't know why. I want to hear all the cool things i"m missing out on!!!

  7. hey- I just caught the tail end of a radio piece about the full house sequel yesterday. I almost thought I was dreaming it up, but now I just read your mention. Seriously??!! I think I might be hooked already... something about nostalgia ;). That BYU bag is the coolest!