Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Five: Pillows, Easter and Field Trips

Happy Good Friday everyone!  I am very much looking forward to this Easter weekend.  Today come join me for Friday 5, share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. I wrote this post at 11:54 last night.  Since spring break I have had the hardest time getting back into the routine of things. Thankfully we have less than two months of school left, I am looking forward to summer break.

2. I went on a field trip with Ryder this last week.  Times like that make me realize how much of a mix of Lucas and Alex he really is.  At times he gets over whelmed and loses it and other times just loves every moment.

3. I didn't play any April Fools tricks on my kids, but they sure did try and trick me many times.  I of course pretended like they tricked me.

4. I am excited for Easter this weekend and probably even more excited for LDS general conference. This conference occurs every six months and is a weekend full of truth, light and inspiration.  It is a weekend that always grounds me and helps bring me back to what truly matters in life.  It is a weekend where I get to listen to God's living Prophet on earth today.  I will be sharing my favorite thoughts and quotes on twitter throughout the weekend.

5. Speaking of Easter, I am going to cheat for one of my pictures and share an amazing video of the Easter season called Because of Him. #BecauseofHim

5 Pictures
The pillows Lucas and Alex made for everyone

Best buds
Watering the plants on his field trip

What are your Easter plans?


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I love the family photo on the couch. I am ready for summer break too. It gets closer by the day.

  2. Beautiful pics! I did play one trick.... I took the white filling stuff out of Oreos and put in toothpaste instead! Then I put a tray of them out at work and waited. Only two people in the office were tricked into eating one, but the looks on their faces made it worth it!

  3. Unfortunately, my kid has exams so not much time to have fun over the Easter except eat some chocolate and have nice home cooked meal! Oooh, i'm looking forward to the May Repair blog train and look forward to your post! :-)