Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photo A Day: March

Do you love taking pictures?  I am taking a photo a day for the whole year.  As I was looking back at this month, I kept just finding 30 pictures, and it was driving me crazy.  I finally realized I skipped March 6th, but didn't even realize it in my count for photo-a-day, so I guess I will be off one day of the rest of the year now.

Oh and don't forget- head to the bottom of the post to see the winner of the canvas!

Here are my pictures from March.



My top three liked pictures were
#1 with 54 likes- getting ready to go to LDS Womens Conference 
Tied #2 with 52 likes
Tied #2 with 52 likes
And here are my pictures from my support tribe of photo-a-day girls

Now for the winner of the CanvasPop Canvas!   The winner is....

Congrats Diane!

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