Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why Texting Strengthens My Marriage

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay.  I will admit some days I feel like my phone never leaves my hand, which probably isn't a good thing, but one thing I have realized is quite good, in fact even substantial to my relationship is texting.

I have heard people complain about texting, saying texting makes it so people don't talk on the phone any more, or face to face, they just send off a quick text.  While there might be some truth to that, I have found that texting has actually straightened my marriage.
My kids do something funny, I send a quick text to my husband telling him about it.  My daughter is home from school sick, I send a quick text updating my husband on how she is doing.  I actually put the laundry away and.... wait never mind I don't think I have ever texted that.

There are a lot of little things throughout the day; things not worth interrupting him with a phone call, things that might not seem really that significant.  But it is those little things, those little moments that make up my day, make up who I am, help shape my identity and roll as a mother and wife.  I feel like I am able to stay more connected with him, keep him more in the loop of what is happening in our day, what is happening with our family.

There have been moments when I have felt like I should reach out to him, just send him a quick message letting him know I am thinking of him.  These are often days that I know he is busy, in and out of stressful meetings; but a quick text letting him know that I am thinking of him and that I love him ends up going a long ways.

Sure, I could tell him those things when he gets home, but let's be honest a lot of the little things, a lot of the seemingly insignificant things, I would probably forget to mention by the end of the day.  But those little things keep us connected, keep us as one.

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  1. I completely agree with you! If it wasn't for texting, I wouldn't talk to my husband for 12 hours every day! I do feel it helps us stay connected.

  2. I totally agree! I love getting sweet texts from my husband!

  3. I love this. I never really thought about it, but it's very true. I like to send my husband pictures of our boys so he doesn't get left out of sweet or funny moments.

  4. We use texting a lot at my house because we have such crappy cell service and every now and again our land line goes out. I agree there are messages you send that just really don't require a phone call. my dad used to make fun of us for texting so much, now he has the ability to text and I told him that sometimes a text is all that is needed and he does it too now. It's cute :)