Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordful Wednesday: Easter Morning

Every Easter we take a traditional picture with the kids sitting with their baskets all dressed for church.

This is our picture this year.

And for fun last year's picture

No we didn't skip church; this year Easter happened to fall on my church's semi-annual General Conference (which I will share my thoughts about soon), which means we got to stay home and watch the broadcast from the comfort of our home in our pajamas.

Alex is now dangerous with a bow-and-arrow and the boys are having tons of fun with their ghasts (it's a Minecraft thing).

Lucas joined in the dinner preparation
And we had a wonderful dinner to end an amazing day.

But mostly we remembered the true meaning to the season, that Jesus suffered, died and lives again. That He lives, to save us and redeem us.

How did you celebrate Easter? 


  1. So because youw atched from the comfort of your home... no Easter outfits at all? were you sad about that part? I mean yes, I know the real reason isn't clothes, just wondered if you missed that part of it.

  2. I'm glad you had a nice Easter! Your dinner looks delicious!