Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Five: Freezing, Makeover and Just Stuck

Do you love Friday?  Do you have anything you do to make Fridays special?  How about joining me for Friday 5 each week?  Just share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week. #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. I really am ready for a blog makeover!  I have found some looks I like, some of which cost, some are free.. it is just a matter of doing it all now.  Anyone want to do it for me? ;)

2. Last Saturday it was freezing, upper 50's and cloudy, that is horrible for us in SoCal.  At Alex's soccer game, during half time her coach was talking to all the girls asking how they were doing, asking if they were cold, to which most replied no.  Alex's coach said "I'm freezing."  To which Alex immediately replied, "Hi Freezing, nice to meet you. I'm Alex."   He looked over our way and Eric took all the blame credit for that one.

3. Eric and I went to a kindergarten meeting this week!  It is now May, which means my baby turns 5 in a couple of weeks, school gets out this month, and this August all of my kids will be in school!  Totally mixed emotions on all of that.

4. Thank goodness for good friends who rescue you... when you car won't start, in the school-pick up line.  My car is push-button start and there had been a message that occasionally popped up saying low key battery.  We thought it was Eric's key as it seemed to only show up when he was driving... well it was mine.  We were stuck.  Thankfully my friend was able to give us a ride home, where Eric's key was at home and took me back to the school where I retrieved my car, which was sitting stuck at the top of the hill with all the windows down.   There is a way to start without the push-button start, which I was trying.. but well there was some operator error, which could take up a whole post of it's own.

5. Going to see Avengers tonight with Eric, totally love all of the Marvel movies, we even watch Shield.  So excited!

5 Pictures
School Pick-up line.. not the day I was stuck in it.  The stuck day I was much further up the hill... and it was sunny.... and 93 degrees out

Part of our Mommy-son date, have to go to the Lego Store
A cereal box table fort- I totally used to make these as a kid all the time
Our current caterpillar/butterflies.. as of a couple of days ago, they are all the cocoons 
What is your Friday Five?


  1. I love giving my blog a face-lift! I found lots of great templates on Etsy, so maybe try looking there. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, that is where I saw one template I liked was on etsy. It really comes down to taking the time to do it!

  2. Are you wanting to stay on Blogger or do you think you want to move to WordPress? If you ever want to make the jump to WP, I can definitely help you. :) And I'm thankful for good friends that help when I'm stuck! Ahhh! Such a hassle.

    1. Every time I am ready to make the jump to wordpress I hear about some problem with it, like last week the comment system have a really bad potential virus and being vulnerable. So every time I think I am going to do it, I get scared.

      My photography website is on Wordpress, so it isn’t like I am totally unfamiliar with it… so yes I want to but then always freak out right before really doing it

  3. I want a blog makeover too. So bad. I was supposed to get one recently, but I don't know what happened to my designer.

    I hope you enjoyed Avengers. I really liked it, even though it wasn't as good as the first one.