Thursday, April 30, 2015

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts From the Heart

Mother's Day is quickly approaching as is the scramble to find the perfect Mother's Day Gift.

I reached out on social media and asked, what is the best Mother's Day Gift you have ever received.  Some of the answers were ones I expected, but many were not.

Some of the answers for the best Mother's Day Gift:

Deb of It's Me Deb said: "The joy of finally being pregnant 15 years ago.  While I was super sick, I was five months along and loving it."

Christina of Mommy's Messy Miracles:  "My oldest was due on Mother's Day in 2011.  He arrived a week and a half early, so I consider having him here safe and sound for my first Mother's Day the best present ever!

Brooke of Blushing Noir: "I love my kids and all and NOTHING makes me happier than when they bring him something they made (I still cry when my son writes that he loves in in a card.. that NEVER gets tired) BUT when my kids and DH come together and Clean the house the way I like it, that's the best gift ever!"

Kathy of Penny Lane: "My son was born in May 2010 and so my best Mother's Day present was becoming a mommy for the first time."

Laura of My Newest Addiction:  "The first one my kid made himself and I had no idea it was coming.  It was a framed picture of himself.  Frame made out of Popsicle sticks and fake flowers attached."

Love their responses! I was surprised by how many said when they became a mom. What was the one common theme for all of the answers for the best mother's day gift?  It is something unique and from the heart. No need for fancy store bought presents (though some moms may want those) but a gift that represents something irreplaceable and captures those precious moments.

I rounded up some great Mother's Day gift ideas that can help get to that common element all moms love.  Click on any of the titles to take you to the original posts.

Grandkids (Or Mom's) Picture Sign
This simple sign with clothespin hangers is perfect for any grandparent or mom, as the pictures can be easily changed out.

DIY Jewelry Box 
For the Jewelry Loving Mama this personalized handmade jewelry box is such a cute idea!  Love the pictures that you can add to it.

The Family Tree
  For those history loving mama's (or grandma's) this DIY family tree would be a  gift they could cherish forever.

DIY Personalized Magnets 
   Every Mom and Grandma loves hanging pictures on their fridge; why not create some cute personalized magnets to help them decorate their fridge.

Mother's Day Questionnaire 
  These FREE printable for both mom and grandma for the kids to answer would make any mama's heart melt.

Love-You Hand Print Art
  As moms know their kids grow quickly, so anything that helps capture their size and is cute art is a huge plus!

52 Things I like About You Cards
 We all need some positive affirmation at times, imagine getting this on Mother's day, you could flip through year round.  This would be a great gift for the whole family to work on together.

So many great ideas out there.  And now I ask you, what is your favorite Mother's Day Gift?


    1. Thanks for sharing my quote! Love Mother's Day!

      1. No problem! Thank you for responding when I was asking :)

    2. Those are cute ideas! My favorite gift is anything they come up with on their own. I like being surprised better than telling them what to get me no matter how random :)

      1. Yes! I am totally the same way, as long as I don’t have to plan it I love it!

    3. So many cute ideas! I don't have a specific favorite, but my favorite gifts are the ones my kids make at school. I treasure those more than anything store bought!

      1. Yes, and that is definitely the common theme it feels like something that they made, that they spent time on.

    4. haha this is a GREAT post and not just because I'm in it ;) I love the magnets!

      1. Always fun to be featured in a post huh? :) Those magnets are great!

    5. This is an amazing collection! Last year we bought our moms flowers and announced we were having baby #3. This year we are going to save them the heart attack and just give them Shutterfly photo magnets. ;-) I'm pinning these ideas for the coming years when I can get all three boys in on the projects.

      1. That would have been quite a fun surprise for your mom last year. It is fun when the kids are able to help make something.

    6. Thanks for sharing all the nice memories from our blogging friends! What a great post. I love the family tree. What a great keepsake that would be!

    7. such cute cute ideas here!