Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five: Newborns, Netflix and Tornados

Happy Friday everyone!  Join me each week for Friday 5.  Easy to play along, just share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. We have now officially had one month of summer break!  It is flying by way too fast and I am not getting many things crossed off my list.  It is so hard to get motivated in summer.  We are having a great time, just those little things- like writing my book, have not been happening.

2. It always amazes me how different my three kids are, but there are surprising moments when they act more like their siblings and then that totally throws me for a loop; like when Alex actually has a shy or timid moment.

3. I am doing a newborn shoot tomorrow, or I guess today, so excited for it.. not excited about the whole set up and take down process of all the stuff I have.. I really need a dedicated studio space!

4. Quick what are some shows (that are on Netflix, preferably all finished) that you love?  We are powering through the final season of Parenthood.  With each episode I feel a little more sad that it is almost all done!  So we will need our next show to watch.

5. We will be taking a trip back to Chicago soon to see my parents, and then actually seeing Eric's family too (for a mini-family reunion of sorts), all I know is the Midwest better get all of these tornados and bad weather out of it's system.. I'm a wimpy Californian now!

5 Pictures





What is your Friday 5?


  1. I'm so out of the television loop. (I need to watch Parenthood!) We have a trip planned to NY next month (upstate, not the city) and I'm preparing for my boy's first plane ride!!

  2. We're watching The Middle, but not on Netflix. I recommend Sherlock to everyone. There's also this show we used to watch called Solitary. There were 4 seasons and it was game/challenge show of sorts but each contestant was in solitary confinement. I loved it!

  3. You are so right! Summer really is flying by. A trip to Chicago? Sounds so fun. That is one place I have never been but really want to go. Have you watched Downton Abbey? We are on season 4, but we're on Amazon Prime. Not sure if it's on Netflix, but it is soooo good. Hope the photo shoot went well!

  4. I think you made me almost cry at the thought that Summer break is speeding by so quickly. Yeah I saw all the bad weather... right now we're out of it for once....

  5. Summer is flying by way too quickly! I cannot believe how far into summer break we are. I feel like we just picked up the older two boys, but in reality we have already had them three weeks! As for Netflix, I agree that Sherlock is a must! It is one of my favorite shows! I also am kind of liking Revenge, it's an interesting show that has me hooked.