Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When The Dad is Sick

No one likes being sick, then when you are sick on what should be your special day. well that is even worse.

If you know my husband, you know he likes to eat.  In fact he will often say it is one of his favorite things in life.  So of course part of his Father's Day celebration includes a really nice meal I plan and prepare for.

Friday night we got the kids in bed, watched some Parenthood (on the last season now, thanks Netflix), then went to bed.  Eric said he wasn't feeling so good and wondered if it was all of the cherries he just ate.

Not long after we were in bed, I was laying there thinking unable to fall asleep for some reason, when Eric got out of bed and hurried into the bathroom.  This began a long long night of many, many trips to the bathroom for him.  Needless to say I didn't sleep much either.

Saturday, he lay around all day hardly able to move, wiped out from being up the entire night losing everything.                                
We had a lazy day while Eric lay around recovering 
Come Sunday, his amazing meal I had planned, well it got put on hold, replaced instead by a spaghetti dinner as his stomach just still wasn't quite right.

We assumed food poisoning, from the restaurant we ate at Friday night; but when we went to work Monday and found out three of his co-workers had almost the exact same symptoms, we knew it must be something more.

Now we are hearing reports about bottled water possibly being contaminated.  All the supposed contaminated bottles are on the East coast, but that is the one thing the co-workers had in common.

So whatever it was, it definitely put a damper on Father's Day weekend.  It will definitely be one we do not forget.
Was able to smile for a few pictures Sunday morning before opening presents 
Have you ever had a special day ruined from being sick? 


  1. oh yuck...hopefully he is on the mend! I was suppose to read at my friends wedding a couple years ago and make the cupcakes and cake. The day before, I was so sick, like I had never been that sick, knock on wood, I am hardly ever sick...well I was literally in bed...I couldn't move. I ended up going to emerg and I had mono. Thankfully my cousin was helping me with the cake so she went ahead...I could hardly stand, I could hardly talk because of the sore throat and everything swollen but I was very winded too...I didn't end up reading cuz I would have passed out. I was so upset!

  2. Poor Eric. There is never a good time to be sick with that sort of illness. :( I heard about the water bottle contamination - that's scary!

  3. So terrible!!! Poor Eric! And it makes everyone sad when a special day is ruined by being sick. Ethan barfed his entire fourth bday...

  4. That has definitely happened to us, though I can't remember exactly when. A couple years ago, I had to have an emergency appendectomy on my son's birthday! Once I was ok enough to walk around, we did take him out to eat but I know it was hard on him!

  5. Oh no! That is awful that Eric was sick and not feeling well on Father's Day. Hopefully you were able to do your meal plans another day. That is scary that it could be the bottled water! I would definitely look more into that.

  6. Man, seems like weird things were all going around Father's Day Weekend. I was supposed to go to the lake. I went but I was extremely dizzy and sick the whole time... never got sick but still. And this isn't the only other case I've heard about, I heard about other people who were dealing with stuff too. weird.