Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five: Breaks, Rain and IKEA

Happy Friday!  I am back for Friday 5.  I know I haven't been around much but my kids now have less than two weeks of summer break left, so trying to enjoy the last of our time.  Join me every Friday by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  #Friday5

5 Thoughts

1. I think this summer is going on the record as my worst summer ever for blogging.  My kids start school though in less than two weeks, so I have a feeling it isn't going to change much in the next two weeks. (Though there will be 10 Things to Smile About this Tuesday!!)  Have to enjoy this time,  I am not ready.

2. This week I got to attend a party that was thrown for the Special Olympic Athletes that are staying in our city.  It was awesome.  Our athletes were from Iceland, where I was told it is only 5 degrees right now.  They were loving the heat.

3. We have not gone to the beach this summer!  We have had a couple of different times where we have thought about it, but just haven't made it.  We definitely have to go before summer is over.

4. I apparently don't shop at Walmart that often.  When I went there this last week with my kids for school supplies (definitely the best place to buy school supplies), Alex asked "what is this place?".  Though in the end Lucas was amazed at how big it was and thought we should shop there more.  Personally I am a Target girl; though I will always go back for school supplies.

5. This last weekend we got Ryder a new bed and Alex some new bedroom furniture.  I will definitely have to get pictures to share.  I love how Alex's room came together.

5 Pictures
Major closet purge before back to school shopping
Shopping at IKEA is always fun
Ready to head to church (Eric is always already at the church for morning meetings)
This rolled in last weekend and we actually got rain!
Sibling love, makes my heart happy 

What is your Friday 5?


  1. Fun stuff. I'd love to see Alex's room more! I noticed in the instagram pic that it looked rearranged. SO so nice!

  2. I can't believe it's already back to school time. Whatever happened to starting school in September??

  3. This summer has truly been a bad blogger summer for me. Oh well, with the kids in school, maybe we'll hit a better stride! The photos are just wonderful! I'm a little jealous of the Ikea trip- I still haven't been!