Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Cool Kids Club

As a mom you want your kids to get along.  You dream of days where they all play together nicely, all share, all think of these fun creative things to do that don't involve a screen.

This weekend Ryder got a new bed, he finally decided he was big enough to move out of his toddler bed.  We went to IKEA and purchased a fun fort bed, it is one of those beds that is up a bit higher with a play area underneath.

Ryder was so excited about it and so were his siblings.  They even created a club, the Cool Kids Club or CK for short.

Sunday night they talked all about how they were going to meet there first thing in the morning when they were all awake.  They talked about taking turns picking what they wanted to do and could even play games in the club house together.

"But Ryder, just don't freak out if you lose." Alex instructed her little brother.

I couldn't help but think, 'don't call the kettle black', as Alex has had her fair share of freaking out.

But I had to hope for their new club.

This isn't the first club they had made, disagreements and squabbles ended all of those.   My kids really do like each other; just put all three together and they can't always work out the best dynamics.

Monday morning I lay in bed, the sunlight filling my room,  I rolled over, it was almost 8:00.  I sighed knowing these mornings of sleeping in were quickly coming to an end.  I could hear the kids playing in Ryder's room.  It sounded happy and friendly, but soon it began.  The "no's", the whining and then the tears, followed up with an "I quite the club."

Less than 24 hours.

Maybe their next club will last two days.


  1. That sums up the dynamic between Dylan, Lexie, and Lily perfectly! They act like best friends, but when the three of them try to play something together it ends up falling apart! I know it's frustrating, but I'm kind of glad it isn't just my kids!

  2. Cool bed! I think I want one now!

  3. Such a cool fort bed!! And hey at least they're playing together. My brother would never let me into his club house as a kid.