Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Call to Arms: A Book Review

World War III is coming, earthquakes, freak snowstorms, and a country on the brinks of civil war.  If all of this sounds like something straight out of a book, it is because it is.

I recently was given a copy of Call To Arms: Nations Fall by Randy Lindsay.  This is the second book in the series, the first book which I earlier reviewed.

The Book:
  Joining the military had seemed like the right thing to do, but when war breaks out in Europe Robert wonders if he hasn’t made the biggest mistake of his life. The Russian juggernaut grinds its way toward Italy, the country Robert has grown to love. As one of a handful of American soldiers in the area, he must find a way to help the ragged remnants of NATO’s forces to prevent any more European nations from falling.

While back home, the rest of the Williams family struggles to protect themselves in the face of an impending civil war. The very fabric of society continues to unravel, threatening the destruction of the Constitution and the American way of life.

As Vice President, Calvin McCord continues to defy both sides of the political divide in order to find a solution to the war in Europe, the ravaging of the United States, and an espionage ring within the White House. 

My review:
  The book takes off from where the first one left off (this is definitely a series you need to read in order).  The world continues to crumble into chaos.  Most of the Williams family makes the move into Camp Valiant and the rest of the Saints must decide if they want to heed this call to gather for safety.

Robert, the oldest Williams child is Europe serving in the army and ends up on the very front line of action, while his sister who chose not to move with the family is facing battles of her own.  Robert's story felt so real to me and was one of my favorite parts of the book.

This is a very fast- page turning sequel.  The action jumps between the family member's stories and also follow Calvin McCord, the newly appointed Vice President in Washington D.C.  The author does a great job of bringing the action to a critical point and then he switches stories, leaving you wanting to hurry and find out what happens next.

This book is written mainly to a LDS audience, but could definitely be a fascinating and exciting read for anyone.  It is also what I call a clean-book, in that while the story is intense and covers a wide variety of topics it is free of language, sexual content and strong graphic imagery.

This trailer is actually for the first book, but it gives a great feel to what the story feels and reads like.

You can purchase your own copy here:
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Find out more about the book and the author at the following:

Do you ever wonder about the end of the world?  Do you believe it will happen?

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