Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Family Night: A Dare

Once a week we have a family night.  We begin with a song and a prayer, followed by a spiritual lesson given by one of our family members.  How spiritual that lesson turns out to be definitely varies greatly from week to week depending upon the cooperation of the kids; but despite the downs, we keep trying each week.

When Ryder is in charge of music he always runs to grab a pencil to use for his conducting wand.  Our songs rotate between a few favorites, like Scripture Power, I am a Child of God, Called to Serve and of course Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (jumping including).

After the lesson, there is someone in charge of games.  The games... well they often don't work out so well.  When someone chooses a more 'competitive' game, there always seems to be someone that ends up in tears.  Or when someone chooses a game that takes a bit longer, to play there is inevitably whining about, 'let's just hurry and get to treats'!

Our treats- if you follow me Instagram, almost always consist of ice-cream, which we always have a good supply.

This last week, Alex was in charge of games.  "Hmmm" she contemplated when it was time to pick a game.

"I know," Lucas interrupted, "tickle Daddy!" as they ran over to torture poor ticklish Eric.  (Tickle Daddy sometimes becomes our only game when we are really ready for treats).

But this week Alex had a different idea, Truth or Dare.  Ryder ended up hopping around the kitchen, Lucas spun in circles and admitted that yes one certain girl in his class drives him crazy and he really does not like her, and the game continued with just funny and simple little dares and truths.

Until Alex said she wanted a hard dare.

Her father was up to the challenge.  We all went into the kitchen, where he began making a concoction, a brew we will call it.  And well, you just have to watch to see what happened next.

Do you have a family night?


  1. What a fun idea for Family Night. Reminds me of our Girls Club nights when I was a kid... they were so much fun! And I loved the video you shared... you just never know what might happen in a game of truth or dare! haha!!

  2. Oh man, that was hilarious! LOVED it. Every bit. I loved Ryder's cute voice saying, "go Alex go" and all the laughing and all of Alex's expressions and Eric at the end. Soooooo funny. My kids would never taste that for anything. hahahaha

  3. That's awesome. There are no words, that's just awesome.